The Retail Bus Tour Unveils New Venue – EXPLORetail

Delray Beach, FL, October 05, 2018 --( EXPLORetail ( has announced its’ new website and venue and was formerly The Retail Bus Tour. As many people in the retail real estate industry have experienced, The Retail Bus Tour was the most unique and effective event serving retail real estate industry professionals from South Florida to North Carolina. Gary Broidis, President and Founder, started The Retail Bus Tour in 2010 with its’ first event in Broward County in October, 2010 and has announced the new venue will debut in March 22, 2019 with Broward County being the first market served.

Per Mr. Broidis, The Retail Bus Tour successfully organized events throughout the state of Florida and expanded into Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina. The last event was in 2015 and, since then, Mr. Broidis has been contemplating a new and improved format for these events.

EXPLORetail will take place in an auditorium that will allow attendees to remain in one place while viewing drone videos (aerial and ground views) of available properties presented by the moderators and property representatives. “All of the great aspects of the event will remain but we’ll no longer need to spend hours on a bus and trying to navigate through traffic and weather issues. Additionally, all attendees can leave prior to the event ending if need be.

“During this full-day event, property owners, brokers and retail tenants will learn about many major shopping centers in the Broward County market area. An estimated 200 industry professionals will be in attendance while moderators and/or property representatives will guide attendees through approximately 40 retail properties, providing detailed information on each property, including rental rates, existing and upcoming vacancies and future redevelopment plans. EXPLORetail will include a sponsored breakfast and lunch and will conclude with a cocktail and networking reception for all registered participants.

“Many shopping center owners and real estate brokers are experiencing increasing vacancies, with vacancy rates exceeding 10-15% or more in some areas." According to Mr. Broidis, a twenty (20) year industry veteran, “EXPLORetail provides property owners and their representatives a new platform to showcase their properties to real estate industry professionals as well as retail company representatives. Additionally, this venue provides a networking opportunity for all industry personnel to share ideas and market information.”

Registration for this event has started and can be completed at: Additional events have been scheduled throughout Florida and other locales. Future dates and further information can be viewed at the company’s website.

For any additional information or to schedule an interview with Gary Broidis, please call 561-353-0151 or send email to:
Gary Broidis