Duplication Media Celebrates Their 15 Years in Business This September

Duplication Media has been preserving precious memories since 2003.

Urbandale, IA, September 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Duplication Media, a video duplication and transfer service company in Urbandale, Iowa, is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this September. Duplication Media specializes in CD, DVD, video and audio duplication and transfer services, and has been in business since September 2003. The owner of Duplication Media, Jason Olson, started the company because he saw a need… a need to help customers preserve their precious memories.

“Far too many people keep putting off having their family recordings transferred and the sooner you get it done, the better,” Olson said. Customers don’t think a natural disaster will affect them but Duplication Media has helped numerous people after tornadoes, fires, and even hurricanes. One thing they all have in common is they wish they would’ve done it sooner.

The first five and a half years of Duplication Media’s business, they were located in a strip mall by the Urbandale HyVee at 86th and Douglas. Due to HyVee expanding their store, in 2009 Olson was forced out of his space and re-located conveniently five blocks east at 8126 Douglas Avenue.

Since Duplication Media’s doors opened in 2003, Olson has broadened his list of services as well as obtained new equipment. Olson started out being able to transfer 11 different formats of videotape and had only one DVD recorder so transferring one videotape at a time in real-time was taking him a while to get orders done. “We can now transfer more than 20 different formats of videotape and we can transfer up to eight tapes at a time so we’re able to get orders done quicker,” said Olson.

Video to DVD Transfer has always been Duplication Media’s #1 service. Duplication Media has archived the entire library of videotapes for some big corporations such as Kemin Industries and even some families have brought in more than 100 videotapes they’ve shot of their kids with a camcorder.

Other services that Duplication Media offers now that weren’t available when the business first started 15 years ago are flash drive duplications and photo scanning. Now with a list of over 10 various services, customers are bound to find a way to preserve their precious memories at Duplication Media.

“Customers will bring us totes full of their family history stored on videotapes, 8mm home movie film, 35mm slides, and more to have them professionally preserved because they know that the longer they sit, the less likely future generations will be able to enjoy them,” Olson said.

Olson was in the video production and duplication field for more than eight years before he started Duplication Media. With more than two decades of experience, he has seen a lot of changes in the industry. “People used to have their film, slides, and videotapes put onto VHS videotapes but when I started the company, is when recordable DVDs first came out which can preserve the material in its current condition for many years compared to what a VHS can. Many computers built today don’t even come with a DVD drive so we’ve been getting more requests for transferring material to hard drives or the cloud lately.”

A trend that Duplication Media’s owner, Olson has noticed over the recent years has been a surprisingly increasing amount of VHS duplication orders placed. Most people are shocked when I tell them that we even do any VHS duplications today, so they’re really surprised when I tell them that we’re getting orders from places like Los Angeles and New York for hundreds or even thousands of VHS videotapes. But it’s because people are finding it very difficult to find duplication companies that still offer the service,” said Olson.

Over the last 15 years, Olson has helped customers from all over the country, totaling over 30 different states as well as international customers from Canada and the United Kingdom. Marketing has contributed significantly to the success of Duplication Media. According to Olson, Duplication Media’s website has been their number one marketing tool. “Our website generates 50 percent of our business, while social media and word of mouth continuously bring in new customers who need their memories preserved,” said Olson.

Olson urges people to preserve their memories before it is too late, or an unforeseen event happens in your home. Too many people keep putting off having their material transferred and sometimes, it’s too late so he tells them, “Don’t lose your precious memories….let Duplication Media preserve them.”

Duplication Media is a video duplication and transfer service company located in Urbandale, Iowa. In addition to video to DVD transfers, Duplication Media also specializes in CD & DVD duplications, audio to CD transfers, photo scanning, slide transfers, film transfers, and more. Duplication Media has been serving the needs of customers since 2003.
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