Ponos Technologies Launches "workponos.com" - Making Its Appearance in the Gig Marketplace with a Focus on Getting Freelancers Paid

Overview of the current outlook of workponos.com

Miami, FL, October 23, 2018 --(PR.com)-- The site has been put on the live server and is fully functional. It's been built with the overall goal being that workponos.com freelancers can work with minimal fees and costs. Ponos Technologies LLC was founded in January 2018, and since April battled its way toward the release of workponos.com (launched October 20, 2018).

The site focuses on “fee equality” between the client and freelancer while paying for/completing work. Workponos.com also contains key features such as posting projects by location and allowing students, professionals or both to place bids on projects. With minimal fees - businesses and freelancers can make a living through the site. Workponos.com v1.0 has stuck to the basics while still proving freelancers all the necessary tools needed to get paid.

The challenge now is on-boarding talent to the site so that it can reach its full potential. It's strongly encouraged that those reading this check it out. Many updates and upgrades will be coming to the site as future versions are released so please follow, and leave feedback on the WORKPONOS social media pages.
Logan Donley