AFC Industries Creates New Floor Post Designs

AFC Industries adds new ergonomic designs to their Fllor Post workstations.

College Point, NY, October 28, 2018 --( Apart from the risk of working daily with hazardous substances, industrial personnel are also exposed to many ergonomic factors due to the nature of their work. Repetitive motion injuries develop over time and occur when muscles and joints are stressed, tendons are inflamed, nerves are pinched and the flow of blood is restricted.

Many factory workers spend a good portion of their day entering data, monitoring conveyors, logging in shipping documents and more at the computer station. These workstations can be too high or too low, and require the employee to elevate their arms and awkwardly position the wrists while inputting data. Depending on the location of the mouse, awkward reaches and manipulations of the mouse with bent wrists may occur.

As a solution, AFC Industries has designed a new series of Floor Mounted Workstations with height adjustable keyboards and monitor mounts. You can easily create a comfortable data access area and because the unit can be secured to the floor the computer remains in a fixed location for consistent data access.

Some of the features of the AFC Floor Mounted Workstation include:

62-inch high steel Post, or optional steel pole, with a built-in wire management.
Single or double workstations available.
VESA compliant, z-arm, monitor holders, keyboards and CPU’s are height adjustable along the track or pole.
Floor base has openings to securely bolt to the floor.

About AFC Industries, Inc.
Since 1994, AFC Industries has been an innovator in the field of medical/industrial solutions. From ergonomic, high-quality workstations, carts and racks to complete modular storage systems, the company's product line is crafted for the ultimate in safety, adaptability, comfort, and functionality. All products are constructed of the highest quality reinforced steel and may be adapted to meet a full range of needs. Noted for its high level of customer service, AFC offers complimentary area design analysis, three-dimensional designs and ongoing customer support.

The company supplies products to a full range of medical facilities, businesses, schools, factories, airports, casinos, police, and many other emergency and control monitoring stations. AFC Industries, Inc. is located at 13-16 133 Place, College Point, NY, 800-663-3412. For more information on this and other ergonomic mobile products, e-mail or visit our website at
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Ken Kapica