New York Native Award Winning Sculptor/Product Designer Mark Weisbeck Featured in New Mystery Novel by International Book Award Author Deborah Stevens

International award winning sculptor-modern product designer Mark Weisbeck's 14k solid gold pen tray "Goldenwave" was recently featured in a new mystery novel by International Book Award author Deborah Stevens. Her book is titled, "The Holy Predator." The Goldenwave pen tray sells for $5000.00.

Hudson Valley, NY, December 29, 2018 --( Page 62: “One more signature and Luciano was finished. Leaving it for last, he picked up the document, read through it, then signed his name at the bottom. In addition to being the superior general of the Jesuits, the largest and most powerful religious order in the world, he now was the new president of the Union of Superiors General, representing more than two hundred religious congregations from around the world. Smiling to himself, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. Everything was coming together better than he could have ever imagined. He hadn’t expected the appointment, but it would certainly benefit him in carrying out his plan. He placed the pen on his latest purchase, a five thousand dollar, solid fourteen karat gold sculptural pen tray. The artist, the award winning New York sculptor and designer Mark Weisbeck, named the piece Goldenwave. It was designed to resemble the elegant curves of a gentle wave of desert sands. Luciano admired the elegance and simplicity of its design. A hand-cut, mirror-polished gold sheet, with a natural, rare ebony wood base trimmed in fine Scottish leather cradled the writing instrument now resting on it. It was custom-made for him by the designer and personally engraved “To the Superior General.” It was a gift to himself. Having spent forty-two million on refurbishing his residence, what was another five thousand dollars?” (Excerpt: "The Holy Predator")

Mark Weisbeck is a native of Buffalo, New York. Weisbeck was the only artist in the world invited by the government of China to represent New York State in the Beijing, China Olympics Landscape Sculpture Competition. His sculpture design, “The Celebration of Ren,” (people), was voted on by the citizens of China and won the prestigious “Excellent Works” Award. Mark Weisbeck is a true Art Olympian.

Weisbeck has been commissioned to create large scale public sculptures for the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Department of State. He has created major healthcare sculptures as well as signature sculptures for world class museums. His 33 foot tall waterfront “Water Spirits” sculpture stands as the signature gateway sculpture to the City of Rochester, New York, commissioned by the NYSDOS. For the NYSDOT, Weisbeck was commissioned to create 12 large light sculptures placed atop the pylons of three new bridges along the I-490 Highway in Rochester, NY. Weisbeck’s 13 foot tall “Blast Off!” rocket sculpture stands in front of the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City, New York.

Other major sculpture works have been designed and created for the government of China, such as 33 foot tall "Expanding Influence of Peace," which stands in the world's largest sculpture park, in Changchun, China. Mark Weisbeck creates major wall mounted sculptures for the corporate, hospitality, healthcare, non-profit and residential markets as well as exterior building wall sculptures and large scale public art. He also fashions smaller, 2-D and 3-D sculptures for all environments, both interior and exterior. He is currently working on a series of large scale wall mounted sculptures crafted from re-purposed 1950’s and 60’s jets and planes reclaimed from vintage car hood ornaments, entitled, “Visibility Unlimited.”

Weisbeck is a New York native. He has won many international sculpture and product design awards. List available.

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