Local Scientific Manufacturer, Scientech, Celebrates 50th Year in Business in Boulder

Scientech celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company's founding in 2018. Scientech designs, develops and manufactures high-quality scientific measurement equipment, including electronic balances and laser power measurement equipment, in a manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado, USA. All of Scientech's equipment is still made onsite.

Boulder, CO, December 31, 2018 --(PR.com)-- When Scientech (www.scientech-inc.com) first opened its doors on Arapahoe Avenue, Lyndon Johnson was president, gas cost 34 cents a gallon, and people hadn’t yet walked on the moon. Scientech, a small company that designs, develops and manufactures scientific measurement equipment, celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. The company still creates and manufactures all its products in its original location in Boulder.

Scientech was founded in 1968 by Dr. Robert W. Zimmerer, a former physicist at the National Bureau of Standards. The company's first product was the original beamless electronic balance, which Dr. Zimmerer invented. Soon after introducing the balance, Scientech marketed the first commercial laser power and energy measurement system based upon prototypes developed by the National Bureau of Standards. Since then, the company has developed entire lines of laser measurement systems for both continuous wave and repetitively pulsed lasers. Scientech’s balances are renowned for their ruggedness, and are in use in a wide array of industrial, laboratory and consumer applications globally.

“We’re proud to be manufacturing our own designs here in Boulder, in our machine shop. Obviously a lot of things have changed in the past fifty years, but if anything, there’s a more diverse set of uses for our balances and laser power measurement equipment. We’ve recently started working with cannabis laboratory managers who need high-quality lab balances. ‘Made in the USA’ carries a lot of value, including in other countries,” said Robert Guidetti, Scientech’s CEO.

Photos of Scientech’s machine shop, laser power meters, and of its high-precision balances being serviced are available upon request: rbiederman@scientech-inc.com
Scientech, Inc.
Rachel Biederman