Orlando Bail Agency Offers Holiday Safety Tips

33rd Bail Bonds Encourages Drivers to Stay Focused.

Orlando, FL, January 04, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Orlando’s oldest bail bonds agency, 33rd Street Bail Bonds, announces their recent blog post encouraging drivers to avoid distractions and put their cell phones down. The bail bondsmen at 33rd Street Bail Bonds posted their blog in hopes that drivers will take caution when hitting the roadways particularly on New Year’s Eve this year. To read the blog visit: http://bailorlando.com/put-your-cell-phone-down/

Russ Pacala, owner of 33rd Street Bail Bonds stated, “Every year particularly on New Year’s Eve we see many drivers being pulled over for a variety of reasons. Typically, those who are arrested are either driving under the influence, driving while drunk, driving wreckless or driving with a suspended license. Unfortunately, texting while driving is growing in popularity as well. Young and more experienced drivers are distracted by their cell phones and many of them end up in a traffic accident which often is fatal. From 2013 to 2017 in Orange County, Florida there has been a 33% increase in distracted driving crashes. As we approach New Year’s Eve drivers should call an Uber if they know they will be partying and may find themselves distracted between their friends, their phones and the excitement of New Years. Year after year we see drivers arrested on New Year’s Eve. These arrests can easily be avoided especially when there are ride services like Uber available. It’s really very easy to use Uber and affordable.”

33rd Street Bail Bonds typically sees a lift in arrests around most major holidays particularly around Christmas and New Year’s. Charges include drunk driving, driving under the influence, assault, battery, drugs, driving with a suspended license, driving above the legal limit and domestic violence. Pacala added, “With Orlando, Florida being the mecca for domestic and international travelers our roadways are jam packed with drivers many of whom are not from Central Florida. Those attending Walt Disney Word, Universal Studios, Sea World, Lego Land and Bush Gardens may be very distracted in trying to navigate Orlando’s Interstate 4 along with negotiating around construction in the more heavily populated areas. So many people are here on holiday and enjoying the area’s theme parks that drivers just need to be cautious and put their cell phones down and pay attention. We encourage people to read our most recent blog post on our website where we discuss what can happen if you are pulled over for texting and driving. We encourage drivers to put their phones down and keep their eyes on the roadways, especially during holiday times.”

33rd Street Bail Bonds is located at 2480 33rd Street in Orlando, minutes from the Orange County Jail, also known as the 33rd Street Jail. They are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The bail bondsmen at 33rd Street Bail Bonds will walk defendants through the paperwork and the bail process as well as remind them of court dates. Typically, those arrested for the first time need guidance throughout the bail bond process to understand how to fill out the forms and know when to appear and where to appear for court.

The 33rd Street Bail Bonds website offers a complete guide to “how does bail work” located online at: http://bailorlando.com/howdoesbailbondswork/ consumers can also read on their website about bail contracts and what is involved. The bail bondsmen at 33rd Street Bail Bonds are extremely knowledgeable and have worked with defendants for all kinds of charges. Their clients say they are the best bail bonds agency in Orlando. Many have said they offer fast bail bonds and are very instrumental in helping to understand the bail bond process.

For more information on 33rd Street Bail Bonds consumers are asked to visit online at http://www.bailorlando.com or call 407-425-7200.
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