Visual Solutions Offers Contest for Free Trial of Salon Manager

Visual solutions is offering to give a free two month trial to one contestant winner.

Gurnee, IL, January 04, 2019 --( Visual Solutions wants to start the new year right. They are doing this by holding a contest for potential customers hesitant to try a new point of sales system. They have decided to give away two months of their Salon|Manager program free to one lucky contest winner, in doing this they are also waiving the normal installation fee of $300 so they are truly giving their service away for free.

While this may seem like very little to some, this is actually a very exciting contest for others. Those in the salon industry are aware that they have a larger inventory and that the setup may take up to two weeks to add owners, employee's, clients, and inventory to the program. All at no cost.

The contest is being held on the Salon | Manager Facebook and Instagram. Both of which have links to the page offering the Contest sign up.

If you have any question call
Robert Lennes
Visual Solutions
Robert Lennes