Workmanship Warranty Explained by Fairfax Roof Replacement Contractors

Chantilly, VA, February 23, 2019 --( The Fairfax roof replacement contractors at Beyond Exteriors published a blog explaining the importance of a workmanship warranty for roof replacement and repair projects. Roof repair is a large investment that can secure your home for years to come, and workmanship warranty insurance protects that investment.

Reliable contractors offer workmanship warranties for all of their projects. This warranty provides financial protection in the event that your roof replacement or repair is completed incorrectly. Many warranties last for at least one year, with each contractor specifying their own terms. Similarly, workmanship warranties may cover only the work completed, while others will provide financial compensation for damage caused by leaks and other roofing errors. Carefully read your contractor's workmanship warranty to understand what qualifies under the warranty. A policy that is lacking in protections may leave you responsible for extra costs to fix improper installation and other damages to your roof, while a more robust warranty can save you thousands.

Manufacturing warranties are separate policies that cover any flaws in the materials use to repair or replace your roof. This warranty does not apply to the actual work done on your roof, and a workmanship warranty does not cover the materials. As such, having one warranty for the materials and one for the work is essential in order to provide the maximum amount of protection for your roof repair or roof replacement work. Your investment will then be fully protected from errors in both installation and manufacturing, giving you peace of mind and financial compensation should mistakes be discovered later. Homeowners that select only one warranty risk needing to pay even more in the future to rectify issues that could have been otherwise protected.

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