Saivion India Launched a New Next Generation Hi-Tech Office in New Delhi, India

After the first branch’s success, Saivion India has opened another office in New Delhi. This office is full of advanced hi-tech features. New hiring will get a start soon and the official date has been declared as 19-04-2019.

New Delhi, India, April 10, 2019 --( After the immense success of the first branch, Saivion India has opened yet another office in New Delhi. This office features advanced, hi-tech facilities and amenities. New hirings will start soon and the official date for the commencement of operations in the new office has been declared as 19 April 2019.

The new branch of Saivion India has been opened in Rohini, a well-developed area in New Delhi. This office is full of the advanced features which aim at providing a comfortable working ambiance to the staff. Also, these state-of-the-art features will help new employees to show their full creativity in the presence of a relaxed atmosphere.

Every single employee will be provided with a Mac and the chairs are specially designed to keep muscles relaxed during the work hours. A reliable, high-speed internet connection is secured for the uninterrupted working of the staff. Moreover, powerful electricity backup with 10KVA/9KW UPS is there to tackle any emergency electricity cuts.

All workers will have their own Bluetooth earphone to communicate with the rest of the staff for any work-related discussion. These discussions can be recorded by the company for future needs. Apart from all these, the company is providing small locker rooms to all employees for storing their personal or official belongings and each locker will only be opened by swiping the card issued to that particular employee. The new office is a perfect workplace for the professionals of this advanced generation.

As per the manager, staff members can enjoy shakes and juices free during their break time. The interior of the office is the biggest attraction in the workplace. The color combination of walls is extremely beautiful. The office walls are soundproof so that the employees can work without any external distraction.

According to the founder of Saivion India, interviews for the new hirings will start on 19 April 2019 and close on 30 April 2019. The closing date may be changed if the need arises. The founder also said that after the successful launch and run of the second branch, they will soon work towards opening the third branch.
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