Augson Global Introduces a New Investment Initiative in Ghana

Augson Global has launched a new initiative program aimed at assisting the low-and middle-income earners, and the poor and deprived communities in Ghana, dubbed "Augson Investment Program (AuSIP)."

Accra, Ghana, June 15, 2019 --( Augson Global has launched a new initiative program aimed at assisting the low-and middle-income earners, and the poor and deprived communities in Ghana.

The company is embarking on developmental projects investments dubbed “Augson Investment Program (AuSIP)” in selected areas of Agricultural Mechanization, Irrigation & Agro-Processing; Affordable Students Housing (Hostels); Affordable Social Housing; Recreational and Industrial facilities; and Slums Upgrading and Re-development.

Project Background

Augson came up with this initiative following an extensive research conducted by its Business Intelligence, Research and Analyst Department on the critical investment needs of the country in relation to Poverty Reduction, Social Well-being and achieving Food Security for the people of Ghana.

Augson is currently at various stages of discussions and negotiations with various agencies, institutions, companies, individuals as well as both European and African Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to partner program implementation AuSIP since 2015.

Over the period, they have conducted surveys, feasibility studies, architectural drawings, etc. and held various meetings and discussions on the said program with various Ministries, Departments and Government agencies (MMDAs). Augson has had the opportunity to engage with various communities with the view to providing them social support to empower their livelihood.

The company has been concerned with contributing significantly to reducing rural and urban poverty by creating wealth in Ghana and Africa. Augson Global is ready and willing to support the infrastructural development agenda of institutions, communities, corporate groups, etc. by the provision of services and deliverables as part of its corporate investment initiatives termed as Augson Investment Program "AuSIP."

Project Objectives

The prime objective for AuSIP is to engage in wider investments through the provision of targeted assistance to the low-and middle-income earners in the society, as well as the poor/deprived communities in Ghana. They do this in partnership with Community Based Organizations, MMDAs, Civil Society Organizations and Development Partners using a gender sensitive, flexible, participatory, demand driven, climate action principle and sustainable processes in the prioritized areas of operation.

Project Offer

AuSIP offers this said initiative through sourcing of financial facility for the implementation of such projects as indicated whilst seeking the participation and partnership with various stakeholders. Self-paying and viable projects may be implemented through Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or at Supplier’s Credit or Debt Equity investments.

In view of this, Augson is calling on institutions, MMDAs, trade unions, etc. who seek partnerships to invest and undertake such projects such as affordable housing, student accommodation/housing, commercial and recreational facilities, agricultural mechanization, etc. to submit their letters of intents and project proposals for consideration. Augson shall be glad to engage the various stakeholders to formulate and design frameworks for the implementation of the projects.

Company Overview

Augson Global is a multi-sector international company based in Ghana with eight subsidiaries and divisions operating in different sectors of the economy from energy, real estates, agriculture, ICT, equipment & engineering, media & publication and general merchant. Founded by Mr. Rudolf Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh, the company has highly qualified supervisory board of directors as well as management board with tremendous experiences. The company is a member of The Rudolf & Schirmers Enterprises, a collective name given to the holdings of Mr. Rudolf Schirmer.

Mr Rudolf Schirmer is a young Ghanaian innovator, entrepreneur and Global business owner who has over a decade in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance and management, Mr Rudolf Schirmer is a visionary product developer with deep education in research and analytics, effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverage assets in teammates to reach organizational goals and relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback.
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