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Gary Loveman, CEO Harrah’s Entertainment, Talks About Customer Loyalty, on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss

On The CEO Show, Gary Loveman, CEO Harrah’s Entertainment, discusses Harrah’s unique customer experience model. The concept is to understand the changing individual preferences of millions of customers so that Harrah’s can deliver what each customer wants consistently. He also discusses the direct connection between delivering exceptional customer experiences and growth of shareholder value.

Ridgefield, CT, April 03, 2008 --( Gary Loveman, CEO of Harrah’s Entertainment, talks on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss about customer loyalty, and how exceptional service is enabled by a sophisticated customer relationship management system. He continues, discussing how Harrah’s reinvests approximately 15% of customer gaming revenues into benefits that are given back to customers in the form of services catering to unique individual preferences.

Loveman then talks about delivering the corporate culture that empowers over 100,000 employees throughout Harrah’s 51 casinos. Loveman explains that when customers are happy, they tend to spend more, and if you know what the customer likes, your business can deliver the desired services while receiving a reasonable return.

Loveman brought his expertise in the science of customer service from Harvard where he left his position in 1998 to join Harrah’s Entertainment, being named CEO at the start of 2003. Under Loveman’s lead, using a customer relationship management system he pioneered, the organization has become an icon of the industry, increasing its revenues over 250% to $10.6 billion in 2007.

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The 18 minute interview of Gary Loveman aired on March 9, 2008 and can be heard in full at


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