Woodtec Hardwood Porcelain by Porcelanosa

Ramsey, NJ, April 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Hardwood looking tile.

Tile consumption in the US has been growing at a steady 5% each year for the last decade. This type of surface, once relegated to kitchens and bathrooms only, is becoming more common in commercial settings, as well as hallways and terraces. Yes, tile feels cold on your feet, but it has a lot of benefits as well: it is probably the most hygienic flooring surface out there, it requires no maintenance, plus technology enables manufacturers to come up with spectacular collections

One of those collections is Woodtec Porcelain Hardwood™ by Spanish manufacturer Porcelanosa. Woodtec is a stunning imitation of hardwood. As Porcelanosa states in its website, www.discoverwoodtec.com, this collection shares the beauty of real hardwood floors, and the convenience of porcelain tile.

Using an innovative coloring technique named “rotocolor” which makes sure that each and every single tile is different than other (just as real wood), Porcelanosa recreates natural hardwood floors with astonishing realism. In fact, one cannot tell whether the product is tile or hardwood just by looking at it. What is more, when the clients touch the tile they can even feel the veins of the wood. This is an effect –name synchronization- that is popular with laminated floors, but very rare in the ceramic tile industry. Woodtec tiles comes in several sizes: 4” x 26”, 6” x 26”, 9” x 26”, 17” x 17”, 15” x 46”… All those sizes can be staggered and combined, so the installation possibilities are countless.

Aesthetically, Woodtec Hardwood Porcelain has all the benefits of hardwood floors. But it also has the benefits of porcelain tile: for instance, it doesn’t represent a fire hazard. Wood burns, tile does not; wood might be bitten by insects, tile will not. Wood scratches easily, tile does not. The color of the wood changes, the color of the tile stays the same. It’s that simple.

Hardwood is not recommended for kitchens or bathrooms due to its high absorption rate. Hardwood Porcelain tile has literally no absorption, which means that no matter what you drop on it (water, oil, eggs, coffee, soap…) it will not stain. This is the reason why Woodtec by Porcelanosa is popular in these areas: many hotels are setting Woodtec Hardwood Porcelain by the pool (upon client’s request, Porcelanosa can produce antislip Woodtec tiles too), many fancy restaurants such as the Tabaq Bistro in Washington DC (http://www.tabaqdc.com/) are tiled with this material. Woodtec can be used even as a shower tray.

Woodtec Hardwood Porcelain tiles are so gorgeous, and have so many benefits that you will forget about them feeling cold on your feet.

Brenda Bejarano