Global Virtual Staffing Company Provides Specialist VAs for Clients Needing Help with Technical and Creative Tasks

20Four7VA Offers Specialist VA Services for Digital Marketing, IT Development, Content Development, and Creative Design Tasks.

Berlin, MD, August 17, 2019 --( 20Four7VA, a US-based virtual staffing company with clients around the world, is offering Specialist Virtual Assistant services to help clients with tasks that require specialized skills and in-depth knowledge, including IT development, content development, digital marketing, and creative design.

The virtual staffing solutions provider also offers Administrative VA services and eCommerce VA services. Whereas Administrative and eCommerce VAs perform general admin jobs or are focused on seller support tasks, Specialist VAs are equipped with advanced skills in their area of expertise and can implement critical business development projects to help clients scale their business successfully.

Digital Marketing VAs are adept at:

- SEO planning and management
- Social media management
- Keyword research and optimization
- Reputation management
- Influencer outreach
- Promotions management
- Amazon Sponsored ads
- ClickFunnels management
- Pay-per-click advertising

Content Development VAs are skilled at:

- Producing written content, including articles, blogs, newsletters, ebooks, email sequences, and sales copy
- Proofreading
- Editing
- Content marketing
- Email marketing
- CRM automation
- Blog management
- Presentation development

Creative Design VAs can be relied on for tasks such as:

- Photo and video editing
- Logo and print ad design
- Product image editing
- Infographic development
- UI/UX design
- AVC/A+ development

IT Development VAs assist clients with:

- WordPress site development
- Amazon store setup
- Shopify store setup and management
- WooCommerce management
- Static website development
- Web server setup and management
- Content management system setup
- Google Business Suite setup
- Mail server backup and maintenance

“If you want to increase your SEO rankings but struggle with keywords and backlinks, or if you want to redesign your website but have no idea where to begin, our Specialist VAs can help you,” Catherine VanVonno, CEO of 20Four7VA, said. “These are VAs with specialized talent in content creation, digital marketing, web development, and other areas that are critical to business growth. They’ll do the detailed and time-consuming work so that you can focus on the core functions of your business.”

Additional information on 20Four7VA’s Specialist VAs can be found at If you want to learn more about pricing or the VA vetting and hiring process, schedule a consultation call with us through this link or reach out to for more details.

About 20Four7VA:

20Four7VA has helped more than 1,000 businesses across 47 industries, 199 cities, 10 countries, and 6 continents find highly skilled, college-educated virtual workers. Their virtual assistants perform administrative and eCommerce tasks as well as specialized tasks like content writing, graphic design, web development, video creation, and social media management.

20Four7VA offers a full-service virtual staffing solution that includes a stringent vetting process, a two-week training period, and a fully guided hiring and onboarding process. After the client-VA pairing has been made, the company monitors the VA’s performance, processes payrolls, and provides ongoing mentoring and HR support. 20Four7VA is a US-based company with the security of licensure, insurance, and contractual obligations. Learn more at and follow them on Twitter @20four7va.
Catherine van Vonno