Back to School Pest Prevention Tip from Go-Forth Pest Control

There are 3 main pests to keep an eye out for during back to school time - bedbugs, fleas and roaches. All three have been shown to bother schoolgoers, from kindergarten all the way up to college.

High Point, NC, August 21, 2019 --( It’s about that time of year again, Back to School. As parents rejoice, and kids prepare for the daily routine of schooling, it’s important to be aware of household pests. That’s right, bugs can be brought back home by children from school, and infest the house.

The main three pests to keep an eye out for are bedbugs, fleas and roaches. All three have been shown to bother schoolgoers, from kindergarten all the way up to college.

If you, as a parent, start noticing any pests around your previously bug-free home, try taking a look in your child’s backpack. It’s possible that pests could’ve traveled from one bag to another when the kids piled them together at school. It’s also possible that a few bugs from the school building could have crawled in the bag as well.

In order to prevent these wandering bugs before they go on the move, be sure to check book bags routinely, to be proactive about these pests. Doing this simple step will go a long way towards taking preventing a bad infestation of roaches, fleas or bed bugs.

The other steps for preventing back to school bugs are equally simple. Parents should be sure to regularly wash any blankets kids bring to school as well. College students should be especially wary when moving into their dorms or new apartments and should follow these methods as well, specifically inspecting beds for blood and fecal stains from bed bugs.

You should call a professional as soon as possible to help if you think you've brought something home, to stop the pest problem before it worsens.

“As the father of four young children myself, back to school time always put me on high alert to be sure new pests aren't introduced into my home from the bags my kids carry home from school,'' says Chase Hazelwood, owner of Go-Forth Pest Control.

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