Team Double-Click® Announces Launch of New Teleworker Site

Ouray, CO, April 16, 2008 --( Team Double-Click®, the nation’s largest virtual staffing firm, has announced the launch of its new teleworker site,, to better serve its clients and staff of over 38,000 qualified teleworkers.

More than assistants, Team Double-Click offers exemplary teleworkers in more areas that ever before. Administrative, sales and marketing, transcription, human resources, finance, and real estate are just a small sampling of how Team Double-Click successfully serves clients.

These are exciting times for those who work in, and take advantage of, the teleworking field. Costs are soaring all around the country for everything from gasoline to electricity. Teleworkers save hundreds of dollars a year on gas and vehicle maintenance, not to mention travel time and time away from their children. Clients save thousands of dollars each year on office furniture, electronics, insurance, taxes, and more.

For years many corporations have known about teleworkers and the benefits of hiring them. Many businesses and associations, including Team Double-Click's partners suggest the use of teleworkers so their clients and members can concentrate on their core abilities. Even Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur discuss the benefits of utilizing a teleworking staff. Team Double-Click assisted hundreds clients in bringing their vision of a virtual workplace to fruition.

Of course you could go out and hire in-office workers or even teleworkers to perform the same tasks at a similar overall cost to hiring a Team Double-Click® teleworker. However, you will lose out on the following value-added benefits that Only Team Double-Click® provides:

• Team Double-Click® is the only virtual staffing company with enough teleworkers at its disposal to staff large corporations.
• Team Double-Click® teleworkers go through the most stringent interview and testing process in the industry. Each teleworker must successfully pass a 19-step screening process before they are allowed to work with the company’s clients.
• A Client Services Representative will assist the company’s clients if they have difficulties with the teleworker(s) or with telecommuting in general. They even take care of dismissing the occasional mismatch so their clients don’t have to.
• All Team Double-Click® teleworkers receive intensive telework training.
• An additional Team Double-Click® representative will shadow the teleworker(s) to be sure they're performing well and taking good care of clients. And at no cost to the client.
• Replacement teleworkers should the teleworker(s) become ill, take a vacation, or fail to perform to expectations are only as far away as a phone call or an email.
• Additional teleworkers are available quickly and easily and as needed to fill clients’ business peaks.
• The company’s teleworkers come with their own computers, phones and the latest and most powerful administrative software.
• The backing of an established company with thousands of teleworkers specializing in the teleworking workforce.

For more information about Team Double-Click’s services and how clients can save time and money with teleworkers, call 1.888.827.9129 or visit

About Team Double-Click®
Launched in 2000, Team Double-Click® is the country’s leading virtual staffing agency. Maximizing the experience of co-founder Gayle Buske, a staffing expert and with over 20 years of business experience, the company offers small businesses an economical, but productive alternative to on-site staffing.

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