IPA-IBA Managing Director Nominated for 2008 Man of the Year in Business Award

Burgess is honored by the ABI Man of the Year designation.

Buffalo Grove, IL, April 10, 2008 --(PR.com)-- International Profit Associates (IPA-IBA) Managing Director, John R. Burgess, has been nominated for the American Biographical Institute’s (ABI) 2008 Man of the Year in Business designation.

“It was a difficult decision to determine who would be among our men of the year for 2008, especially in the field of business, which is so broad,” said J.M Evans, President. “You are our choice for this award after reviewing hundreds of achievements. My congratulations to you on your selection.”

The Institute’s International Board of Research nominated Burgess based on its global research on accomplished individuals. The Board frequently discovers an interesting and distinguished individual via correspondence with global universities, businesses, publications and organizations. The Board has collected and published more than one million biographies throughout the past 41 years.

“I’m exceptionally honored to be nominated by the ABI as Man of the Year in Business for 2008,” said Burgess. “Some awards mean much more than others, so to be designated as such is an honor that is heartfelt and sincerely appreciated.”

The ABI is one of the world’s leading biographical reference publishers and authorities on global contemporary achievement. Founded in 1967, the Institute has exposed the biographies of outstanding men and women, the world over, in more than 150 separate reference volumes. In a period spanning more than four decades, the ABI has researched and compiled the profiles of the influential and important, on the local, national and international levels. Additionally, the ABI proudly acknowledges the achievements of these individuals through inclusion in detailed publications and exclusive award programs.

Burgess is the key founder and managing director of IPA-IBA. Prior to founding IPA, Burgess was a commodities trader with the Chicago Board of Trade, practiced law and was an executive with a management consulting firm. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Roger Williams College in Providence, Rhode Island and a Juris Doctor from the New England College of Law in Boston.

International Profit Associates, Inc. (IPA-IBA), the largest privately held management consulting and professional services firm for small and medium size businesses in North America, is a leading authority on small business. With more than $225,000,000 in annual revenues, IPA-IBA is the 6th largest management consulting company in Chicago and the 61st largest consulting company in the world. IPA-IBA offers a wide range of proven and innovative methodologies to help businesses grow and prosper. International Profit Associates and its alliance partners, including Integrated Business Analysis, Inc. (IBA), International Tax Advisors, Inc. (ITA), Accountancy Associates, LLC (AAL) and IPA Advisory & Intermediary Services, LLC (IPA A&I), provide comprehensive business advisory services and tax strategies to companies in the United States, Canada and other locations worldwide. Additional information is immediately available by visiting http://www.ipa-iba.com, http://www.iba-usa.net, http://www.internationaltaxadvisors.com, http://www.accountancyassoc.com/ and http://www.aiservices.com. The Public Relations Department may be contacted at: telephone (847) 495-6786; facsimile (847) 495-6773.

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