Four School Vandals Taken Into Custody

Police arrest four individuals suspected of vandalizing school after a call from Sonitrol Pacific.

Everettt, WA, April 10, 2008 --( Police caught four individuals in an act of vandalism inside a Washington middle school after receiving a call from Sonitrol Pacific early morning March 30.

When an alarm signal from the school was received in Sonitrol Pacific’s Everett, Washington Operations Center, the monitoring operator quickly determined the nature of the alarm and dispatched police.

Police officers arrived at the school to find four individuals vandalizing the cafeteria and promptly took them into custody. This event represents the 4,871 Sonitrol Pacific assisted apprehension.

In 2007 134 suspects were apprehended due to Sonitrol Pacific's security systems and monitoring experts; 83 of the 134 arrests took place at schools in the Northwest. In 20 percent of Sonitrol Pacific's 2007 apprehensions, the system detected threatening activity and police officers arrived before the suspects got inside the facility.

Sonitrol Pacific has protected businesses in the Northwest since 1978 with unique audio detection systems that actually catch criminals.

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Pamela Singleton