CemeterySpot.com Offers No Cost Online Memorials to Families of Freemasons (Masons)

A goal of the CemeterySpot online memorial website is to compliment the Masonic Funeral by giving family members of deceased Freemasons the ability to share life stories, and info about the fraternity, from a worldwide perspective.

Oklahoma City, OK, April 16, 2008 --(PR.com)-- CemeterySpot.com (http://www.cemeteryspot.com) has just begun offering family members of deceased Freemasons a no cost, high quality, full featured, online memorial in honor of dearly departed Freemasons. By allowing CemeterySpot.com to host these online memorials Free for 1 year it is the hope of CemeterySpot to show the world that Freemasonry really does take good men and make them better.

“Masonry is a very misunderstood fraternal organization. It is perceived from very contradictory perspectives. For example, it is called a secret society, yet everyone knows about it; it is accused of having a hidden agenda to take over the world, yet it promotes freedom of speech, free public education and free elections; it is accused of being evil, yet its various Masonic components donate millions of dollars each year to charities that help people who don’t even understand or agree with Masonry. It is in honor of these Masonic charitable activities that we make this offer” said Hal Stevens, President.

CemeterySpot.com wants these online memorial websites to have memorials in honor of as many Freemasons as possible, and from every country, and in every language. CemeterySpot.com wants to show that Freemasons from all over the world are loving, caring people who positively impact their family, community and nation. And, they want to enable the surviving families of these men to use technology as a help in the memorial and grief support process.

For those who would like to participate in this program please email, Hal Stevens, at hal@cemeteryspot.com. A letter signed by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge the Mason last attended, stating that this Mason was a member in good standing of that Lodge, is necessary. The letter can be emailed or sent by the Postal Service. And, the memorial must be uploaded within 30 days of approval.

CemeterySpot.com (http://www.cemeteryspot.com) has features that include a choice of virtual grave monument, cremation urn or mausoleum in various styles, textures and colors. On a CemeterySpot.com memorial the user can also include an audio or video eulogy and GPS location of the deceased. There is a choice of scenic locations, or, just upload one from another source. A photo of the actual grave site, urn or mausoleum of the deceased can also be uploaded. And the Masonic square ad compass is available to upload to each memorial.

In addition, each CemeterySpot.com memorial includes a high quality user-friendly framework with About Me, photo Gallery, Tributes, Legacy and Guest Book pages.

Visitors to a CemeterySpot.com memorial “Spot” can leave OnSite Memorial Gifts that reside on the memorial grave, urn or mausoleum site. These include a good choice of virtual items that are similar to what someone would leave when visiting a cemetery or place of memorial. They include flowers, various ribbons, an angel, and more.

With all of the features, advantages and benefits available on CemeterySpot.com it is redefining what an online memorial website community should be.


For more information about CemeterySpot.com (http://www.cemeteryspot.com) please call Hal Stevens at 405-210-4363, or email Hal at hal@cemeteryspot.com.
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