Zaxis PD Entry Level Pressure Decay Leak Tester

Zaxis presents its entry level pressure decay leak tester, the Zaxis PD, specifically designed for an introduction to pressure decay leak testing.

Salt Lake City, UT, March 12, 2020 --( Visit:

Zaxis Inc. launches their newest leak tester, the Zaxis PD, available for purchase through any Zaxis Sales Representative. The combination of a color touchscreen interface and a wall mountable design creates a leak tester ideal for entry level pressure decay.

The Zaxis PD leak test system specializing in Pressure Decay and Vacuum Decay. In a development and manufacturing environment, the Pressure Decay test is a versatile leak test method. In a pressure decay test, a product is attached to a leak tester and filled with air. Once pressurized, the air source is closed off and the pressure is allowed to settle. During the test, any decrease in air pressure over time signifies a leak.

The Zaxis PD has been designed as an entry level leak tester that is easy to use and affordable. The intuitive touchscreen interface has been created to simplify operation and communication with automated equipment. The wall mount brackets are designed to attach to standard extrusion channels with either M6 or 1/4” fasteners. The Zaxis PD can store up to 4 programs which allows the user to set up and easily switch between different test programs. A built-in electronic regulator automatically controls pressure, allowing multiple tests to run at varying pressures without manually adjusting the regulator.

The simple set-up, and reliable communication (options include USB, RS232, I/O, and Ethernet TCP/IP) are invaluable for elevated production quality and throughput.

The Zaxis PD works as an entry level leak testing system designed to handle the most common leak test types. For production engineers and R&D engineers, the Zaxis PD is a great introduction to leak testing.

Jackie Vars