LouisvilleCalligraphy.com's Message to Brides: Love and Marriage: Wedding in the Time of Pandemic

Weddings are an unexpected casualty of COVID19. A few thoughts from LouisvilleCalligraphy.com, a wedding professional, on what a bride should do if she had a wedding planned in the near future but has to cancel.

Louisville, KY, April 02, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Weddings are a perhaps unexpected casualty of the coronavirus COVID 19. Many brides have found it sadly necessary to postpone their weddings.

A primary concern was that friends and family wouldn’t be able to travel to the wedding, or would be afraid to. Soon, that was not just a concern, but fact. Other facts began falling on top of one another. Bridal shops were shuttered as non-essential businesses. Likewise, printing companies, caterers, venues and on and on.

So, maybe the marriage can be done privately with the big reception later? Good luck getting a marriage license. Couples have rushed to get them before the offices closed down for the duration. In many states the licenses expire within thirty days, so hurrying to prepare for even a private wedding is necessary to avoid losing the window of time the license allows.

Some states/counties were allowing the issuing of marriage licenses by appointment only, but with more states closing courts and their offices, the chances are getting slimmer if they have not already ended.

What should one do if invitations have already been printed and mailed? Emails or phone calls or printed postcards or notes to all guests are in order. These can be informal and personal. Even though guests have likely figured it out, brides should let everyone know for sure. Engage (no pun intended) bridesmaids and maid of honor in a telephone or note-writing campaign to get the word out if help is needed.

Stay safe and indoors – hopefully with loved ones. Social media can be a welcomed form of communication to stay in touch with everyone. And when this crisis is over, Jan Hurst of LouisvilleCalligraphy.com says, "Have the best wedding ever planned. It’s going to be a great day!"

Jan Hurst of LouisvilleCalligraphy.com will be happy to work with you when the time arrives.
Jan Hurst