Dingtone Targets Emerging Post-Coronavirus Market with Remote Work-from-Home Tools

While Facebook, Google and more companies extended work-from-home policies for employees, Dingtone, a renowned VoIP service provider, recently released and updated its online faxing app. Combined with Dingtone's already solid communication services, the new app aims to help remote workers embrace this work style, as well as future trends of the virtual workplace in a post-coronavirus world.

San Jose, CA, May 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Each day many people are learning ways to adapt to working from home, so are many companies. Facebook and Google, for example, recently announced that they would allow most employees to work from home through the end of 2020. Another tech giant, Twitter, notified that staff could continue working from home indefinitely, even after COVID-19 lockdowns end.

For those who have assumed work from home arrangements as the future of work, the COVID-19 outbreak has offered an ultimate proving ground.

According to a recent Pew report, remote jobs are currently more prevalent than before the COVID-19 outbreak. In a survey conducted in late March 2020, 40% of adults ages 18 to 64 reported they had worked from home as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mobile tool providers also responded to the new scenarios in their own way. Dingtone, a renowned VoIP service provider, recently released and updated an online faxing app to help remote workers embrace this remote work style.

The new app, “Fax from Phone - Easy Fax,” allows users to edit their faxing documents like combining different formats of files into an integrated faxing file, adding a cover to the file, or adding a signature. The whole process only involves the use of the internet and mobile devices, which makes it much easier to send fax documents from home.

“The fax app is so convenient and easy to use. I can really use it to send authentic signatures and official documents,” commented a user of the faxing app. “It also helped me in the job search as well as fax to Social Security during lockdown. I will definitely continue to use this new method to send fax documents for sure, even after coronavirus.”

“Many may wonder whether this disruptive period will bring forward a permanent change for the workplace,” said a senior spokesperson from Dingtone. “As more companies and workers are forced to optimize their tools and methods for telecommuting, we may see a broader and longer-term influence in the post-coronavirus world.”

As the latest initiative of Dingtone’s development team, this mobile-based faxing app is available now for iOS. It is a free download if you want to check it out. To download the app from AppStore, please visit the link below or search "fax dingtone" on your iOS device and download with a tap.


To find out more about Dingtone, please visit http://www.dingtone.me/.

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