Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Local Cleaning Company in York, PA, Provides Commercial Disinfecting Services

York, PA, July 04, 2020 --( Clear View Cleaning, a cleaning company based out of York, PA, wishes to announce to nearby business owners that it is available for sanitizing and disinfecting services. This announcement comes during the global COVID-19 pandemic, wherein many individuals are concerned about the cleanliness of common surfaces and indoor air.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, is primarily spread through respiratory droplets that become airborne. Indoors, these droplets may be inhaled by nearby individuals and contaminate the surfaces they land on. Epidemiology experts say this is how the infection spreads.

As a result, any businesses, stores, and restaurants now open to the public are responsible for protecting their staff and customers by maintaining a safe, clean space that minimizes exposure to the coronavirus.

This is how Christopher Rosner, owner of Clear View Cleaning, hopes to help his fellow small business owners in York, Dillsburg, Hanover, and surrounding areas.

“My team is providing local businesses with state-of-the-art disinfecting services,” Mr. Rosner says. “We come in and deep-clean every surface, every nook and cranny, with industrial-strength chemicals to make sure every last trace of coronavirus is eliminated.”

Clear View Cleaning’s commercial disinfection services include:

-Safety protocols recommended by the CDC
-EPA-approved chemicals registered for disinfecting purposes
-Specialized sanitizing techniques for food service locations
-Spot-testing, ventilation, and other precautionary measures to protect people and property

Commercial customers may choose to add an EPA-approved antimicrobial shield (which, when applied, renders a surface antimicrobial for 30 days) to their disinfecting packages. They may also upgrade to electrostatic disinfecting, which provides instantaneous, 360-degree coverage of any surface and “dramatically reduces a business’s downtime after disinfection,” according to Mr. Rosner.

In addition, Mr. Rosner wants local business owners to know one more thing about his York cleaning company’s disinfection and sanitizing services: “We can also disinfect for things like mouse droppings, bug infestations, seasonal flu - you name it. It doesn’t have to be related to the coronavirus!”
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