MIVNET Connect® Adds Powerful New Resources

MIVNET Connect® is a hybrid-cloud-based, high-definition, multi-point, team video collaboration solution. MIVNET Connect allows users to connect to Team Meeting Rooms or Private Meetings. Unlike traditional video conferencing for meetings, MIVNET Connect is designed to be an application that users are in all day.

Vero Beach, FL, July 18, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET), a leading global provider of virtual meeting space, announced today that it has officially launched the Connect® platform at www.mivnet.com.

MIVNET Connect® is an innovative multi-participant, video collaboration service which empowers users with unprecedented functionality, flexibility and control. Its one-of-a-kind user interface creates a separate video “tile” for every participant. The universal reach brings the highest quality video streams to each individual user, no matter where they are located.

A MIVNET Connect® meeting link generated by the host will run the application on any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS device. The alternative Connect WebRTC meeting link enables users to attend directly from their web browser with no download.

In just a few taps or clicks, MIVNET Connect® users can instantly create or attend a virtual meeting, webinar, classroom. Join Connect meetings from your mobile device, PC, MAC or Linux device. Connect also offers an H.323 IP gateway and Phone in Options for each virtual meeting room.

Connect offers a dynamic display of multiple video images, multiple simultaneously shared desktops, an integrated SIP Softphone, and public/private text chat.

At the same time, participants can access a dynamic display of multiple video images plus multiple shared desktops with public and private text chat.

The new MIVNET website brings a clean design, refreshed copy in addition to intuitive and easy-to-navigate functionality. “Our goal in launching this new website is to deliver a friendly user experience and enable people to make the best of the MIVNET Connect®.

MIVNET is the largest and fastest growing portal that enables people to find and rent on an hourly basis fully equipped meeting spaces. Our directory now includes a free listing option to virtual subscribers.

The new MIVNET website facilitates the free download of company’s latest innovation: MIVNET Connect®.

MIVNET Connect®
To sign up for a free trial, visit www.mivnet.com

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