Grand ISS Continues to Innovate Counterfeiting Solutions with the Release of Its Rapid Assessment of Infringement and Diversioning (R.A.I.D.) Program

A detection method designed to give businesses a head start in identifying, assessing, and controlling exposure to global counterfeiters.

New York, NY, April 22, 2008 --( Grand ISS is strengthening its specialized Counterfeit Abatement Team (C.A.T.) efforts by adding a unique application to deliver more value to clients. The Rapid Assessment of Infringement and Diversioning (R.A.I.D.) program acts as a first-step risk identification and data collection tool that enables clients to accelerate the pace of combating their counterfeiting problem. It puts sophisticated technology, methodology, and intelligence acquisition techniques to work as a means to reveal product-specific counterfeits, global location-specific exposures, and associated information that can be used to analyze the extent of the problem, pinpoint where it is most prevalent, and enhance strategic prevention planning.

“Basically R.A.I.D. provides businesses with immediate insights into their true counterfeit exposure,” said Steven C. Purl, COO of Grand ISS. The program applies a rigorous global sweep  which on the average runs between 5 to 20 days  on one or all of a company’s product lines to discover and identify with certainty counterfeit activities and other key areas of fraud. These areas include intellectual property theft, copyright infringement, supply chain diversion, licensed plant over-production, and manufacturing process duplication also known as product cloning. Based on need, the program can be employed annually, semi-annually or quarterly and used as a measurement technique to observe over time if counterfeiting activities are increasing or decreasing.

The new R.A.I.D. component introduces a first phase, low cost detection process that assures focused responsiveness in the custom design of the broader C.A.T. solution. The sophistication of the C.A.T. /R.A.I.D. approach yields accurate results that reflect an individual company’s circumstances more quickly than conventional reporting methods. For clients it creates early awareness of significant risk issues and exposures; encourages better assessment for tailoring response strategies; maintains ongoing monitoring and tracking practices; improves reporting processes; and promotes precision in budget modeling and allocation based on actual risk findings.

“We are proud to be an innovator in today’s anti-counterfeiting industry,” said Mr. Purl. “The integration of the R.A.I.D. feature into our C.A.T. solution not only enhances the comprehensiveness of our portfolio, but it energizes our ability to make a difference in deterring, detecting, and defending against all levels of counterfeiting – whether it be the manufacture, distribution, or sale of counterfeit goods.”

About Grand ISS
Grand ISS is a global solutions provider delivering integrated services in the core areas of security, risk management consultancy, private intelligence and investigatory forensics. The company serves the interests of commercial, government, and private clients by offering structured solutions that meet individualized specifications. Focused on providing excellence in performance, Grand ISS works together with visionary partners such as Alion Science and Technology, Heritage International Assurance, and Ramora UK to simplify single source access to a powerful cooperative infrastructure. Working with highly experienced professionals in all niche service areas empowered with cutting edge technologies, clients can choose from a variety of mission-critical components and business processes sharply designed with the ability to interact within compact, multi-disciplined solutions. Addressing such critical issues as operational and safety threats, high risk incidents, emergency and crisis management, forensic analysis, and vulnerability and security measures, Grand ISS engages in a variety of complex functions that keep pace with today’s changing dynamics. With access to the full expanse of its worldwide network which includes 2,600 special security operatives and over 3,700 forensic scientists, engineers and technicians located in research centers around the globe, Grand ISS effectively performs to improve efficiencies and extend capacity to assist clients reduce exposure to all types of risk, as well as facilitate the successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters. Grand ISS is co-located in St. Petersburg, Florida and Swindon, England. For more information, call 727.797.6545 or visit online at

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