Captela Launches ID Scanning Mobile App

KYC Screen (, a secure identity documents reading app, developed by Cyprus-based company Captela, launched today on App Store and Google Play. The purpose of the app is to help businesses that require customer KYC verification to provide a faster, easier and safer onboarding by scanning government-issued identity documents.

Nicosia, Cyprus, August 05, 2020 --( Financial institutions, universities and colleges, rental property managers, to name a few, require customer identification and are looking for ways to make it easy and secure. Current verification methods are often cumbersome, slow and not secure, requiring to send a scan or an image of the ID docs, which then takes several days to weeks to confirm.

“We live in times where businesses enabled by technology thrive, so when developing KYC Screen we married the simple concept of digitally reading chips in the government issued documents and an app that can be downloaded on your customer’s phone,” commented Mikael Magnusson, CEO of Captela. “This significantly simplifies digital onboarding for any services that require identity verification: health care, government, real estate, financial, etc.”

With KYC Screen app customer identity verification happens in 3 easy steps that can be done anywhere:

1. Scanning the MRZ code on the bottom front of a passport or ID card
2. Reading the chip
3. Taking a selfie

The app is a white label solution, which means it can be customized to your brand identity. Once you deploy and customize the app, you can send secure links to your customers with one-time access code to download the app and go through the verification process.

Such digital verification reduces customer onboarding costs and enables businesses to collect information in line with current legal requirements. Customers, in their turn, will appreciate a smooth and fast onboarding process without having to visit any physical location.

Learn more about KYC Screen at and download demo versions of the app on App Store or Google Play.

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