Advanced Licensing Proudly Names Peter Trang as the CFO of the Expanding Consultation Firm

Advanced Licensing Expands It’s Leadership Team After 15 Years of Quality Service

Las Vegas, NV, August 19, 2020 --( John Bellave, the CEO, of Advanced Licensing, has proudly appointed Peter Trang as the CFO of the prosperous consulting firm. Peter Trang is an exceptionally accomplished and knowledgeable business owner. For the past 20 years, he’s operated and maintained ownership of a burgeoning retail company.

Executing a variety of roles whilst running a well-to-do business has taught Peter a few crucial things. Stay dedicated to quality and consistent service, initiate strong professional relationships with customers, vendors, and competitors. Lastly the bit of advice, Trang would pass along is focus on fiscal and financial responsibility on the organization.

Peter crossed paths with John Bellave and Larry Kozin after selling his business in 2018. Trang was in pursuit of more business ventures and an increase in time flexibility. This led to him being offered the honorable position of becoming the CFO of Advanced Licensing. He was drawn to the brand’s reputation for success and dedication to helping others in the development and expansion of new and existing businesses.
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