Wholesale Face Mask Supplier Puhff Now Sold on Amazon

Puhff Mask and Accessories

Los Angeles, CA, September 09, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Amazon is one of the most accessible marketplaces for Americans today. It has become the go to place for convenience, affordability, and ease. Thus, for most merchants it's impossible to be accessible without selling online. Wholesale face mask companies are no exception.

Since its inception, Puhff Mask and Accessories, has made their products affordable and accessible. After the mask shortage earlier this year, it became clear that wholesale face mask companies were going to be the key to a steady flow of supplies. Thus, Puhff has been working with distributors, grocers association, and schools to make sure their products are within the reach of the people.

Wholesale Face Mask Company Puhff Now Sold on Amazon

Just like Puhff products are for the people, the Amazon marketplace is for the people. This partnership allows Puhff's wholesale face masks to be sold to more people.

"I'm so excited to see the products I chose and curated to be within the reach of so many people," CEO Jaheyla Jones explains. Having started this company just a few short months ago, Puhff has grown exponentially. "We pride ourselves on being affordable, accessible, and convenient."

Puhff products on Amazon now include their bestseller; The Mecca, polymer reusable mask; The Orion, a washable reusable mask and several disposable options. Building on this, Puhff offers masks specifically for children. This wholesale face mask company is going above and beyond to provide accessibility and ease.

Now that Puhff is on Amazon, it ushers a new stage of convenience and attainability.
Blair Jones