Top Iontas Partner Secures Another Financial Institution Win with Iontas Technologies

Iontas is on a roll supplying banks and financial institutions with the revolutionary Focus software suite, giving these organizations a human-centric view of how employees use software technology to do their jobs.

Austin, TX, April 24, 2008 --( Iontas disclosed today that a top Iontas Partner signed up another major US bank for the Focus Software suite. The bank anticipates using this state-of-the-art software to support their credit card division’s customer support center to gain new insight and enable them to reduce non-interaction time, increase cross selling effectiveness, and improve compliance activity.

This bank’s employees joins hundreds of thousands of users around the world who use Focus to optimize business processes, improve operational efficiency, and increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

The Focus software suite gathers data on how users interact with software applications, so that companies can understand how employees follow business processes day-to-day. Focus collects and analyzes workflow metrics and key performance indicators, such as handle times and throughput, to help identify process bottlenecks.

“Guided by the data from Focus, companies can give employees the training and tools they need to do their jobs effectively,” said Joe Stockton, Iontas’s CEO. “Our newest banking customer did the math and saw that Focus offered them increased revenue, higher profit margins, and lower costs throughout their organization.”

Unlike almost all other business process optimization software, Focus requires no integration with the applications it monitors. It uses patented technology to gather software usage data directly from the Windows operating system. Companies can deploy Focus in a single day with no interruption to business-critical systems or network disturbances.

Focus’s popularity with large organizations has surged in the last two years. The Focus software is often used in contact centers and back offices of financial institutions to improve performance, make the best use of available resources, and to raise the quality of customer service.

About Iontas

Founded in 2000, Iontas creates software that captures information about how workers use software applications to do their jobs.

Installed on over 500,000 PCs worldwide, Iontas’s Focus suite enables contact centers, back offices, and enterprises to see precisely how employees are using all their IT resources over time. With facts in hand, managers can make informed decisions about how to improve their company’s business processes and software tools.

Iontas helps companies work smart.

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