GetUrns Premium Cremation Urns Retailer Upgrade Popular Line of Cremation Urns with New Colors and Themes

GetUrns, LLC. introduces more one of a kind colors and themes to its successful Embrace line of cremation urns, further offering endless customization possibilities for its customers.

Dallas, TX, September 30, 2020 --( GetUrns, premium cremation urns and cremation jewelry retailer, announces the update of popular Embrace line of cremation urns, with new vibrant colors and diverse themes. The new colors added enhance the Embrace line of urns to truly be the most catering and customizable urns on the market.

Points of emphasis
1. Latest release of new colors: Bright Pink and Burnt Orange, bring a lively and uplifting addition to the Embrace line of cremation urns.
2. The curated colors of GetUrns Embrace serve as a direct challenge to the status quo of somber traditional cremation urns. Our selection of vibrant colors helps our clients make a truly unique and personal purchase.
3. Burnt Orange and Bright Pink appear in all Embrace Urn sizes – Adult, Medium, Keepsake cremation urns and a Tealight Candle Holder that holds ashes.
4. GetUrns offers over 22 design themes to cater to every personality, providing the perfect opportunity to properly celebrate the life of a loved one. Check out our wide range of Embrace themes here:
5. Ideas? – The team of designers at GetUrns can create any custom design on any Embrace Urn for you. Submit an inquiry here:

“By combining beautiful colors and tasteful artwork, the Embrace line of cremation urns is able to honor and highlight your loved one’s unique personality.” –Cameron Allahverdi | Owner

GetUrns is a family-owned and operated business, offering beautiful, high-quality cremation urns and cremation jewelry. For the past three years, GetUrns has strived to be the most customer-focused company in the funerary industry. As part of the GetUrns mission, every customer receives compassionate customer service and unrivalled personalization options that uniquely memorialize every dearly beloved.
Cameron Allahverdi