New Software to Assist All Those Who Use Time Sheets

TMJobBag offers a simple way to record and manage time sheets and other project data whether you are an individual or a corporation. Suitable for all platforms and mixed networks.

Macclesfield, United Kingdom, April 25, 2008 --( A new version of established software handles timesheets for all industries based on selling time. The software is a major benefit to designers, consultants and hourly paid staff in any industry.

TM Business Systems is pleased to announce a new version of the JOBBAG software. For many years TM Business Systems has provided software to handle timesheet registers and analysis and this current version offers assistance for all users from individuals to large companies.

Gone are the days of collecting time sheets and having to manually calculate hours on a project. The records can now be entered on line from anywhere in the world and are instantaneously available for analysis over a selected time period by job, employee or activity.

Many users have reported that since they started to use TMJobBag their clients have been happier to settle their invoices as they believe that computer generated time sheets are more reliable than manually prepared records.

Starting at only 59.00 pounds sterling the software is the Time Sheet manager for all organizations.

As with all their products, it is available for Apple Macintosh and PC and will run on mixed networks.

The software can be seen at where it is described in the products section and trial versions are available for download in the download area of the same site.

TMJobBag is a part of the Matrix suite of software, eleven software products using a common database.

About TM Business Systems

Formed in the 1980s, TM Business Systems has always offered Macintosh programming. It has over the last few years extended its capabilities to offer all it’s software on all platforms. Although it still offers a complete bespoke software service, the major focus is now with the standard products and this revised version of TMJobBag is seen as a key addition to the range.

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