Spraying Systems Co. & Avatar Corporation: Superior Application Technology Meets Advanced Chemistry to Optimize Production Costs for Food Manufacturers

University Park, IL, October 10, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Spraying Systems Co., a global engineering and manufacturing leader in spray technology since 1937, has optimized the application of release agents from Avatar Corporation, a leading U.S. producer of food ingredients and process aids headquartered in University Park, IL. Founded in 1982, Avatar manufactures an extensive portfolio of high performance, proprietary release agents. This collaboration seeks to combine superior spray technology with advanced chemistry in release agents to optimize performance in a modern industrial food facility. Spraying Systems provides their Precision Spray Control (PSC) technology to make every drop count. In turn, Avatar release agents are tailored to perform in specific applications thereby using a minimum amount of product to affect clean, consistent release of food products from equipment surfaces and help achieve the lowest unit cost of production.

Ed Trauth, Avatar’s SVP of Sales and Marketing believes that the timing is right for this approach; filling a void in the industry created by venture capital fall out. “Companies who promote their application technology with limited applied chemistry in their release agents have failed to evolve and innovate,” Trauth says. “Avatar has always formulated its release agents to address the application-specific challenges faced by our customers, so it only makes sense to collaborate with a spray technology company who specializes in applications.” The disciplines of mechanical engineering and applied chemistry are very different and require a completely separate knowledge base and skill set to optimize and deliver the best value for the customer. Josh DeVoll, Spraying Systems Co. Director of Market Solutions notes, “We have sprayed hundreds of release agents and thousands of fluids over our 80+ years in industry. This experience has given us the expertise to be successful. For the chemistry to do its job, we have to do ours.” Avatar and Spraying Systems remain independent companies but combine their talents in specific food application areas using a team approach to achieve best-in-class performance.
Avatar Corporation
Ed Trauth