Jatheon Technologies Rolls Out New Email Archiving Features

Jatheon Technologies, a tech company specializing in enterprise information archiving, ediscovery and compliance has pushed another software update of its cloud email archiving platform, Jatheon Cloud.

Toronto, Canada, November 27, 2020 --(PR.com)-- This update provides more ways to export audit logs, allowing users to choose the preferred file format. The email search functionality was updated to make it more convenient for users to locate Advanced Search. In addition, brief descriptions of each software section were added to help new users find their way around the platform and learn what each functionality is about.

Another useful change in this latest round of updates is the addition of keyboard shortcuts to improve user productivity. Jatheon Cloud users will now be able to navigate through any table items or dropdown menus and select or deselect the items listed there using the keyboard.

Finally, German-speaking customers will be happy to learn that the software is now available in German. Together with these updates, the company added a few other convenience features and made improvements in terms of the user interface.

Jelena Popovic, who is overseeing the Jatheon Cloud email archiving software product development, is content with the latest round of updates: “Updates such as these are part of Jatheon’s ongoing efforts to provide all users with the best email archiving and management experience. Although this release doesn’t contain any major new features, the update brings functionalities that are designed to make the users’ everyday interactions with the archiver as smooth as possible.”

Speaking about the software being available in German, she said that this was just the beginning of Jatheon’s software localization process and that the idea was for Jatheon Cloud to soon be available in all major languages.

About Jatheon
Jatheon Technologies Inc. was founded in 2004 to empower companies in their efforts to ensure email compliance, facilitate eDiscovery, improve email management and alleviate storage issues.

Today, Jatheon is a leader in the archiving industry, with 6+ billion processed messages and unique on-premise and cloud archiving solutions. The company continues to raise the bar throughout the industry with the latest enterprise-grade cCore archiving appliances, a powerful archiving, retrieval and dynamic monitoring software and best-in class tech support, Jatheon Care. In 2017, Jatheon designed Jatheon CTRL ‒ a social media, mobile and IM archiving add-on that smoothly integrates with the company’s proprietary email archiving software. In 2018, the company launched Jatheon Cloud – the next-generation cloud email archiving solution best suitable for small and medium-sized organizations. In 2019, Jatheon launched Jatheon Archive, an email archiving and management mobile app that supports both Jatheon cCore and Jatheon Cloud.
Jatheon Technologies Inc.
Ivana Nikolic