Raman Kuppuswamy, a YouTuber and Content Creator, Has Launched His Second YouTube Channel "Cordially Yours - Career, Personal Growth, & More"

Raman Kuppuswamy, who is a content creator and who already owns a YouTube channel, Cordially Yours - Health & Fitness, says he has launched his second YouTube channel, Cordially Yours - Career, Personal Growth, and More. According to him, he will release videos about career, self-improvement, parenting-related topics, and those that cover various other subjects on his new channel.

Chennai, India, December 13, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Raman Kuppuswamy, a YouTuber and content creator, who already owns a YouTube channel named "Cordially Yours - Health & Fitness," says, "I am proud to launch a new YouTube channel entitled "Cordially Yours - Career, Personal Growth, and More." He adds, "I intend to create videos about career search and choice, career growth, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, personal growth, parenting, and several other topics so that viewers can get fresh and unique insights."

The YouTuber further points out, "People are confronted by some problem or the other in their day-to-day life, in their career, and many other spheres. Therefore, they look for the appropriate solution for their issues. That is the reason I have decided to launch this channel so that they can watch my videos and benefit."

Raman Kuppuswamy says, "I am confident that the videos I release will help people lead a hassle-free life. Those who are in search of jobs or who want to grow in their career and even those who are doing their own business will find my videos immensely useful. Similarly, those who aim to achieve personal growth, who want workable ideas for ensuring that their children grow the right way, and those who are on the look-out for solutions for the issues they face will also find my channel helpful. I urge people to watch the videos I release on the channel and subscribe to it as well."
Cordially Yours
Raman Kuppuswamy