Whoowe Mobile App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Imagine being able to video chat with your great great grandmother. Right now. On your phone. Think of what you could learn about your family history. The whoowe mobile app takes passing on your legacy to a whole new level. Create a virtual video biography of yourself for friends, family, and future generations to learn about you as in a face to face video conversation.

Monroe, NY, February 11, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Whoowe LLC, developer of the mobile app "whoowe" launched a campaign on Kickstarter this week to grow their brand and presence around their unique new virtual conversation app.

Developed to help families stay connected and pass on their family history in a revolutionary new way, the unique app lets you create a living biography of yourself for family, friends, and future generations to learn about you through a virtual video conversation. Whoowe gives you questions about yourself which you answer in short selfie videos and the app does the rest. Family members can ask your profile questions and learn about your life, experiences, and story as in a face-to-face video chat call, now, and far into the future. The experience teaches future generations about their ancestors in an intimate and personal way. Get to know the unique and special people that came before us as if in real time. You can also link up to other family members through the app to build a living family tree, upload photos, phone videos, and documents, and more.

You can use whoowe to start a living conversation that will entertain, enlighten, encourage, and empower future generations. Whoowe can help you unite a scattered family into the ultimate tree of life, share precious information that will be lost, upload photos, memories, and media or celebrate a birth, wedding, retirement or milestone with a gift they will truly cherish.

Pass on your story beyond any photo album, diary, or home video with this unique app. What will your legacy say?

To join the revolution in saving family history, visit Kickstarter and look up whoowe. You will find special offers and rewards for contributors.
Whoowe LLC
Dan Qualiano