CougarShield® Wins the 2020 Singapore Business Awards

CougarShield® celebrates recognition by the APAC Insider Magazine on the 2020 Singapore Business Awards.

Singapore, Singapore, February 15, 2021 --( CougarShield International is renowned for its proprietary Nano Titanium coatings and a premier supplier of innovative coatings and related automotive products. The “CougarShield®” brand has become synonymous for value, differentiation, and outstanding performance. This phenomenal value has won the 2020 Singapore Business Awards by the APAC Insider Magazine.

Excerpt from APAC Insider:
United Kingdom, 2020 – APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2020 Singapore Business Awards.

Singapore continues to be an impressive business hub in the Asia Pacific, delivering innovative solutions, best in class services, and next generation products across worldwide markets. Boasting one of the most advanced economies in the region – an achievement that surely belies its size – Singapore remains a leading light on the global business landscape, offering a haven for creativity and excellence to thrive.

APAC Insider Magazine launched the Singapore Business Awards to recognise the businesses and individuals who truly represent Singapore’s entrepreneurial spirit and embrace its pursuit of perfection.

On the back of the announcement Awards Co-ordinator, Chloe Smart commented on the success of the winners: “Our 2020 winners represent the very best of an extraordinary region. Congratulations to everyone recognised in this programme, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year ahead.”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated professionals selected for them, please visit where you can view the award supplement and full winners list.

Vincent Soh, Commercial Director at CougarShield International, commented on the win. “CougarShield® has emerged as an innovative brand in the coatings industry, and we are very happy to be identified by APAC Insider for the 2020 Singapore Business Awards. CougarShield will strive to create more wins and forge more strategic partnerships worldwide.”

About CougarShield International
CougarShield International is headquartered in Singapore, and is renowned for its proprietary Nano Titanium coatings. When applied onto surfaces of automotive or buildings, CougarShield® coatings forms a protective layer that protects and maintains the original condition of the coated surface, provides superb properties such as gloss enhancement, hydrophobic water barrier protection as well as superior hardness, and expansion & contraction adaptability. Water-based and non-toxic, CougarShield's® unique water-based formulation is also eco-friendly with no negative impact on the environment.

About APAC Insider
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