CreditQ: an Application for MSMEs to Report Business Credit Defaulters

Jaipur, India, February 17, 2021 --( CreditQ, a business credit monitoring company, has launched an application with the same name that lets businessmen and MSMEs report their credit commercial defaulters. Their services extend to startups and small businesses that are making partnerships with other businesses. This app was created after a deep thought to help MSMEs and small businessmen who struggle to settle their money back from the business defaulters.

The prime focus of the application is to connect with small and medium enterprises and help them expose their credit defaulters on a PAN India level so that they secure their business from fraud. The company determines loan paying capability of vendors and acts as an interface between the client and the borrower, initiating a simplified debt settlement process.

During the research and analysis stage, the CreditQ team anticipated the need for payment regularization when it comes to dealing with vendors and suppliers. Small businesses fall into the fraud trap where their money gets stuck with vendors and suppliers. CreditQ terms them as business defaulters or commercial credit defaulters. It further helps businessmen in determining the financial capability of their vendors in repaying them their money.

CreditQ works with GSTN holders and businesses trading with other clients to gain an understanding about their finances when dealing with other businesses in the form of partnerships.

The company understands the need for a delightful customer experience; that’s why it has built its services around the needs of MSMEs. In any B2B environment in India, businesses look to shake hands with other firms on the basis of their financial ability to do a safe and secure business dealing. It includes repayment terms and how their suppliers are fulfilling their obligations to their providers.

CreditQ offers membership to interested businessmen who are looking to settle payments with their defaulters. It primarily focuses on settling money stuck with vendors and provides insights on saving the business from suspicious fraud. It helps MSMEs by revealing the financial credibility and reputation of their clients so that they can make a better decision when it comes to investment.

About CreditQ Inc.

CreditQ is the first app and web-based platform in India that works with MSMEs and businesses to help in settling payment from credit defaulters and secure their business from financial fraud.
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