Making Corona Test Centres Safe

London based cleaning company, Fluid Hygiene, help the national fight against COVID-19 by making safe Corona Test Centres across the country for visitors and staff.

London, United Kingdom, February 27, 2021 --( London based cleaning company, Fluid Hygiene, help the national fight against COVID-19 by making safe Corona Test Centres across the country for visitors and staff.

The Corona Test Centre, with testing centres across London, Birmingham and Manchester, have contracted Fluid Hygiene to maintain a safe and secure environment for healthcare professionals and visitors using the cleaning latest methods and equipment to ensure safety.

COVID-19 Cleaning Service Fluid Hygiene Cleaning Corona Test Centre
“Working with Fluid gives our team the confidence needed to carry out their work they do in a safe and secure manner. Their attention to detail, consistent standards, and friendly professional staff gives us the reassurance that our centre is protected.” -Ed Heywood, Founder of Corona Test Centres

The two organisations have created a comprehensive and detailed plan to ensure that all areas remain safe. Fluid have been working nationwide making safe premises of all types with their COVID-19 Antiviral Cleaning Service since the pandemic began. The credentials, skill and demonstrable experience of Fluid is the assurance we need in a delivery partner by Corona Test Centres.

Fluid Hygiene COVID Test Centre Cleaning
Using the latest "fogging" devices Fluid are able to destroy the virus on any surfaces giving a guaranteed protection level. Fluid’s employees are fully COSHH trained to comply with all governmental directives and have vast experience in all requirements for safety aspects concerning COVID-19.

Regular fogging is coupled with daily overnight deep cleaning, which entails cleaning of all public areas and staff welfare areas to make sure that areas are thoroughly cleaned. This includes sanitising with anti-bacterial cleaning products, ready for the next working day. All cloths and mop heads are disposed of daily in order to reduce the danger of cross-contamination. All Fluid staff operate in the highest level of PPE.

“Our teams have been working tirelessly to battle this virus since the start of last year, so we’re very proud to have stepped up on a national level to help the fight against COVID. As one of the market leaders in nationwide commercial cleaning, making premises virus and infection free has always been something our large and highly trained workforce is prepared for.”

Fluid Hygiene’s Managing Director Alister Gregson
The Corona Test Centre was created to improve the COVID-19 PCR, antigen and antibody testing capacity in Great Britain, they hope to inform the public more about whether they have or have had the virus, developed an immune response and, ultimately, help the country get back to normal.

COVID-19 Antiviral Cleaning
With doctors overseeing the processes, medical professionals administering the tests, experienced technicians analysing the results, and tech professionals handling the reporting, they ensure best-in-class results throughout the entire process. With Fluid as a safety partner, all users of the centres are assured of a visibly, safely and protectively clean premises, offering the utmost safety and care throughout.

About Fluid Hygiene:
Fluid Hygiene offer multi-site commercial cleaning, contract cleaning and specialist cleaning services delivered nationwide for over 25 years, with over 800 sites cleaned every day by over 1100 specialist cleaning staff. They deliver consistently high standards and a level of customer care that their competitors cannot match.
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