Organizational Consulting Services and North By Northwest Expand Their Reach Globally for People Wanting to be More Organized and Efficient in the Wake of the Pandemic

It's been a year of being shut in with a majority of people working from home. For most, it's been a challenge. Not only from a space standpoint but also from figuring out how to work efficiently with your family in the same room. By offering virtual organization to help clients create a workable space and a more efficient schedule Organizational Consulting Services has helped people across the country and beyond.

Coeur d'Alene, ID, February 28, 2021 --( Not everyone has the luxury of having a private office space in their home where they can work if the need arises. With COVID-19 and people being forced to work from home for extended periods of time and schools being closed with kids learning from home - it has been a challenge. Take one room, add 2 adults, a few kids and a dog and there will be chaos. Not the type of environment that is conducive to holding business meetings or teaching kids.

Without having the right tools, the right workspace as well as the right routine a person cannot be successful.

Working from home does not mean cleaning your home and watching videos.

Working at home should still be considered "work." Employees owe it to their employer to be as productive as if they were actually in their office at work.

It's not as easy as most people think. There are many distractions out there that people need to consider. Especially in light of the fact that everyone else is at home also - including most kids. This adds to the noise level and can distract people from getting their work done.

Having added Virtual Organizing to their business years ago, Organizational Consulting Services can help clients set up their office and workspace to be more efficient and therefore more productive. Without being in a structured setting people tend to not be as productive - so learning how to manage their time and tasks efficiently is crucial to their success.

With people spending more time at home they are also spending more time trying to get their homes more organized and less cluttered. A Professional Organizer can help clients come up with a game plan to transform their home into a more peaceful space.

Organizational Consulting Services other division - "North By Northwest" is a Life & Business Coaching company that can help clients get through this trying time and help them figure what they want to do with their life and their future. Maybe now is the time to take that leap into trying something new - something that they were too afraid to leap into when they had a job and didn't want to jeopardize it for their "dream."

Life is throwing a lot at us right now. It's how people handle it that will make a difference.

Since everyone is at home - why not work on those "projects" that have been put off all of these years. Now is the time for clients to get their home and themselves Organized.

How organizing a clients space is accomplished Virtually:

* Make an appointment with a Virtual Organizer - email access and a phone is required
* Clients must be motivated to do the physical work themselves
* Clients must be committed to reaching their goal
* Virtual Organizing sessions are only one (1) hour long - instead of the usual 4 hours
* Shorter Virtual sessions are less expensive than In-Person Organizing sessions
* Organizational Consulting Services will walk the clients through their space and come up with a plan
* Clients do the physical work themselves - with email/phone/Zoom support by the Organizer

Visit the Virtual Organizing page on their website for more information.

Visit their Life & Business Coaching website - to see how a Coach can help their clients move forward and be successful in this trying time.

Less Clutter = Less Stress(SM) in your home, your business and your life

Organizational Consulting Services

Visit their Life & Business Coaching website: North By Northwest
Organizational Consulting Services
Karin E. Fried