Animation Explainers Adds John Qualls to Its Strategic Advisory Board

Indianapolis, IN, March 18, 2021 --( Animation Explainers Ltd. (AE) has announced that John Qualls, CEO of Purpose HQ is the newest member of their Strategic Advisory Board. Qualls is recognized as a leader in talent optimization and is an innovator with cutting-edge technologies that help organizations maximize productivity and profitability.

Animation Explainers
Animation Explainers, experiencing rapid growth since its launch in 2018, is now expanding internationally with new offices serving the UK, Ireland, and North America. In 2020, Animation Explainers produced more than 200 animated explainer videos. The momentum continues into 2021, with the company on track to more than double its production of corporate video and business animation projects.

AE recently launched a Hosting & Reporting Package. It offers a comprehensive suite of client services, including video-content reporting and hosting tools to help businesses track, analyze, and manage video content for the best results. The timing for adding Qualls to AE’s Strategic Advisory Board is ideal for this launch.

John Qualls
John Qualls is a thought leader in talent optimization and technology innovation for organizations worldwide. Beyond his role as CEO of Purpose HQ, he's also a leading Board Member of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and is active in other business management and development organizations. Most significantly for AE, Qualls is the founder of Bluelock, a leading Infrastructure-as-Service provider, and he has extensive video-hosting and IT expertise for optimal results from animated video content.

“B2B video production has skyrocketed since most people are working remotely after the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Animation Explainers co-founder Dylan Healy. “Our agency is scaling rapidly because businesses need a quick way to visually explain complex products and services.”

Animation Explainers Co-founder Aaron Connolly added, “We're animated video production experts, but we’re not experts when it comes to international business, finance, and hosting technologies. John is a lifesaver because he's helping us scale up and optimize our team to meet the demand for explainer videos, and he also brings innovative insights and new technologies to help host and manage our clients’ videos. We’re continuing to focus on our core competency of providing professional videos that sell clients' products and services. As we expand our service to cover the US, UAE, and Australia, we wish to ensure our same top-quality results for all our new clients.”

Just as their video production has doubled, AE's list of major clients has also grown. They've scaled up into new verticals including cybersecurity, telecom, insurance, and medical device companies. Their blue-chip clients include:

TD Bank
Deutsche Telekom
Adventist Risk Management Inc.
Munich Re
ISA Cybersecurity
Impellam Group
University College Dublin

About Animation Explainers
Founded in 2018, Animation Explainers offers eye-catching corporate animation to help businesses simplify complex messaging.

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