Fastyle App Saw Rapid Growth Due to the Impact of Quarantine Weight Gain

Globally, 35.82% of people reported that they had gained weight during the pandemic. And along with it, Fastyle App saw a rapid growth in subscribers.

San Jose, CA, March 26, 2021 --( According to RunRepeat, in recent research, 35.82% of people reported they gained weight during the pandemic. Of those that gained weight, 71.25% gained more than 5lbs. The United States had the highest percentage of people gain weight (40.52%) during the pandemic.

People were generally stuck with the challenge of maintaining a healthy weight as life routines were disrupted, stress increased, worries about the health risks of going out continued and gyms and fitness centers were forced to shut down. But many of them have started to reverse the scale and feel better.

Actually, even before the pandemic, obesity had become a worldwide epidemic due to the availability of many unhealthy food options and limited physical exercise. Excessive weight entails a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer.

Over the past few years, many studies showed that Intermittent fasting (IF) can have powerful effects on our body and brain and may even help people live longer. Fastyle, a personal health management app based on the theory of the IF, observed a rapid rise since released in August last year.

Basically, Intermittent fasting introduces a new eating pattern, which integrated regular periods of fasting into the meal schedule. The pattern lets your body develop a healthy circulation that speeds up metabolism and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Intermittent fasting is not simply a new way of dieting and losing weight; it’s a way of living that could sustain for the rest of your life,” says Eve Wilson, Marketing Director at Fastyle. “A healthy lifestyle does not have to be over-elaborate but can be easily developed and maintained while simplifying our lifestyle.”

About Fastyle
Fastyle strives to give every person the opportunity to achieve a healthier lifestyle through our mobile services. We research and work with scientists to unlock the health-promoting power of fasting so you can focus on the present moment and cherish a deep affection for life.

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Aurora Wang