Lauren Turton to Host Free One Hour Training on How to Book Yourself on Ten Platforms in Two Hours so You Can Double Your Revenue

Join Lauren Turton for a free one hour long training session, where the certified business coach and creator of the Soul Career Clarity business program provides expert tips and tricks on how to book your brand on ten Platforms in just two hours so you can double your business's revenue.

San Diego, CA, April 02, 2021 --( Certified business coach and creator of the Soul Career Clarity 8-step business formula, Lauren Turton is set to host a free one hour training on Monday, April 5 at Noon PST. This training will provide expert advice and testimonials from Turton on how to book yourself on ten platforms in two hours so you can double your revenue.

Are you ready to expand your community?
Are you ready to share your message with the world?
Are you ready to reach a new audience?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then this free training is for you. During this hour-long event, Turton will dive into key topics including how to:

- Connect with Hosts
- Create a Pitch
- Create a Media Sheet
- Communicate With Poise
- Track Your Communications

As a bonus, she will also share how she collaborates with other brands to pitch her offer on their platform. In February, this strategy brought $15,000 in sales to her business and so can you.

"Before working with Lauren Turton, I was unclear how to scale my business. I needed clarity in a lot of things. Lauren's program, Soul Career Clarity, helped me clearly define my WHY, my target audience, and soul mission. By addressing my limiting beliefs and really diving deep into what I sought to achieve, I was able to move from a place of uncertainty, anxiety, and (let's face it) fear around the future of my business to a place of ease, peace, and productivity. Thanks Lauren Turton for shining your light and igniting mine. If you're feeling stuck, but know (you just know!) there's something more, hit up Lauren Turton. Her incredible program and insight will be sure to help you find your path."

- Dr. Peace Uche, PharmD., Transformational Speaker, Empowerment Guru and Bestselling Author -- long-time client of Lauren Turton

Turton provides free training and workshops on topics such as this and more to her Soul Career Clarity Community and beyond. With clients based all over the world and revenue-driving results, Turton’s one-on-one and group coaching strategies are the main attraction as she continues to help spiritual facilitators align their energy internally so they can scale their business to $10k a month.

Outside of her Soul Career Clarity coaching, Turton is a partner at Ciao Ciao Piadina, a new Italian restaurant in La Jolla, California and dedicates much of her free time to philanthropic work in At Least One Day a Month, as the founder, where she helps nonprofits in the Greater San Diego area raise awareness in their respective causes as well as holding Vice Presidency at Help the Kani, an organization based in India where she provides children with the education and essential services needed for self-sufficiency in their adulthood.

To register for Monday’s training, you can connect with Lauren on Instagram by searching LaurenTurton. The link for this powerful training will be provided after registration. Don’t miss out on this integral training opportunity and the potential to join a community full of like-minded individuals whose creative and entrepreneurial spirits can inspire you and your business.
Lauren Turton