Hanwha Robotics and elliTek, Inc. Partnership to Help United States Manufacturers Safely Reopen

Collaborative Robots Combined with Mechanical and Industrial IoT Expertise Creates Solution to Severe Labor Shortages & Health & Safety Concerns in Post-Pandemic World While Increasing Production.

Knoxville, TN, April 17, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Hanwha Robotics, the leader in collaborative robots in Korea, and elliTek, Inc., a Knoxville-based industrial automation company and member of Control System Integrators Association, today announced that they have joined forces to provide manufacturers affordable collaborative robots (cobots) and pre-engineered robotic workcells. Cobots are intended to work alongside people in a shared workspace or production line. Pre-engineered, turn-key robotic workcells are ready for quick deployment.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced manufacturers to stop or reduce production. This disruption was in full display last year as seen on empty grocery and store shelves, not to mention the loss of lives and jobs. elliTek’s engineers have been working tirelessly to find cost-effective solutions to help manufacturers safely reopen their facilities and also address severe labor shortages. Hanwha’s team vigorously developed advanced cobots that combined Hanwha’s AI technology with its mobility capabilities.

“Adding automated robotic systems to a factory is an investment that has a quick return,” said Brandon Ellis, president of elliTek. “Additionally, collaborative robots can limit the number of people on a production line to ensure appropriate distancing requirements are being met and may also provide relief for those experiencing labor shortage situations.”

Cobots can perform multiple tasks, so employees can focus on value-added duties. Cobots can help manufacturers improve quality through process automation, cut operational costs with easily controllable equipment, offer flexible switch-over between processes for small-batch production, and improve dangerous work conditions. elliTek’s pre-engineered, turn-key robotic workcells are engineered to allow the robots to operate at their full capacity and speed. Plus, they are ready for quick installation.

Hanwha’s HCR Advanced Collaborative Robot Series consists of three six-axis articulated robot models that can be used to collaborate with workers. Hanwha’s HCR Advanced Series is unique in that two HCR Cobots can run off a single control unit resulting in a 10% reduction in operating costs. The HCR Advanced Cobots can be applied immediately without changing the existing workspace. They are easy to control and flexible in reacting to changes in the production layout. Hanwha’s cobots not only automate manual work, but the HCR Advanced Series also provides a safer work environment.

Furthermore, Hanwha’s new advanced cobot models allow users the ability to easily attach torque sensors and grippers without the need to attach additional cables. The improved speed, consistency, and accuracy of the HCR Advanced Series offer increased productivity for industries such as automotive, electronics, food, and pharmaceutical to name a few.

Hanwha’s R&D team developed five additional Advanced Solutions Vision and Mobility modules from which users can choose to customize their cobot according to the type of work and production processes.

Learn more about Hanwha’s HCR Advanced Collaborative Robots, www.elliTek.com/Hanwha-Robots. Speak with one of elliTek’s automation experts, 865-409-1555, to find out if a collaborative robot is the best automation solution for your production line.

About Hanwha Corporation

Hanwha, founded in 1952, is one of South Korea’s top-ten business enterprises and a Fortune Global 500 company. Hanwha has 76 domestic affiliates and more than 350 locations around the world spanning four business areas: chemicals & energy, aerospace & mechatronics, finance, and constructions & leisure/lifestyle services. Hanwha’s impressive growth over the past seven decades stems from its ability to anticipate change and embrace new challenges. Learn more about Hanwha Robotics at www.hanwharobotics.com/En.

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