Control Station Enrolls Leading Canadian System Integrator in CSI Program

Addition of Apex Automation Solidifies the Company’s New Global Partnering Initiative.

Manchester, CT, April 29, 2021 --( Control Station today announced the formal enrollment of Apex Automation in the company’s Certified System Integrator (CSI) Program. Apex Automation is a leading systems integration company that targets Canada’s diverse process automation market. Their enrollment fortifies the recently launched CSI Program, and the associated partnership augments Control Station’s ability to deliver comprehensive process analytics and optimization solutions to its global base of customers.

Manufacturers around the world and across the process industries are seizing upon innovative analytics and optimization technologies like Control Station’s PlantESP Loop Performance Monitoring solution. These tools enable manufacturers to uncover new opportunities for improving production efficiency and throughput. While analytical solutions like PlantESP are proving increasingly valuable based on their ability to parse significant amounts of data and to uncover trends that are routinely undetected, some manufacturers struggle to fully capitalize on the technology’s insights. Resource constraints and limited domain expertise hamper their ability to act on the information provided by analytics. Control Station is addressing this short-fall through its CSI Program and by partnering with best-in-class systems integration firms like Apex Automation.

“For manufacturers with the right mix and availability of resources the financial benefit of analytical solutions like PlantESP can be immense,” shared Tanner DeLorey, Apex Automation’s Managing Partner. “Still, whether its an APC project or other Industry 4.0 initiative like PlantESP, many manufacturers underestimate the resources needed to realize the full potential of their technology investments. With our team of automation professionals and through the CSI Program, we’re uniquely positioned to fill that void.”

Founded in 2012, Apex Automation is widely recognized for its expertise in process automation. In particular, the company has broad experience in steam-assisted gravity drainage and other extraction and processing methods applied throughout Canada’s robust Oil & Gas sector. Beyond Oil & Gas, Apex Automation has built a strong base of customers within the Chemicals, Mining and other major segments of the process industries. The company maintains multiple offices in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

“Apex Automation is an ideal partner as they possess extensive process manufacturing experience and they have robust processes for delivering value-added services,” commented Jon Stevens, Director of Partner Development at Control Station. “Beyond their people and processes, the culture within Apex Automation mirrors ours. They view customers as their greatest asset and invest in ways that deliver mutual success.”

Control Station’s CSI Program formally launched in March 2021 with Jon Stevens appointed as its executive lead. The program is a by-product of the success of the company’s PlantESP control loop performance monitoring solution which now boast deployments in support of facilities that are located in nearly 30 countries. As a process analytics solution PlantESP proactively monitors the performance of a production facility’s numerous PID controllers. Whereas most manufacturers understand the value of solutions like PlantESP, not all possess the necessary resources. CSI Program partners like Apex Automation receive special application training that enables them to both deploy and apply PlantESP in a manner that fulfills the solution’s true potential.
Control Station, Inc.
Dennis Nash