Wolfe Industrial Makes an Effort to Become Environmentally Friendly

Brentwood, TN, May 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Wolfe Industrial Inc. is making efforts to become more eco-friendly, as well as improve their working environment. This past April, Wolfe Industrial was given an Environmental Stewardship award for their efforts in becoming a greener organization by installing a T-8 energy saving fluorescent lighting system. After installing this particular energy saving lighting system, they cut their energy consumption by more than half. This cut in energy consumption reduced overall power plant emissions by as much as 144 tons per year, thus reducing their carbon dioxide footprint on the world and helping the effects of global climate change.

Enhancement Services, LLC is the company responsible for introducing this energy saving technology to Wolfe Industrial. A representative from the company was invited to Wolfe Industrial to demonstrate the efficiency and energy saving capabilities of the T-8 fluorescent lighting system. After evaluating the reduction of overall energy consumption and cost saving, Wolfe Industrial made the decision to install the lighting system throughout their facility. Within 3 weeks, their entire 54,000 square foot facility was illuminated with the energy saving technology.

This lighting system not only cutback Wolfe Industrial’s carbon dioxide footprint and other environmental issues, such as a reduction in sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen, it also increased the illumination of a work area by as much as 200% to 300%. This T-8 fluorescent lighting system maintains 94% of it’s luminosity as compared to 65% for traditional HID lighting fixtures. By replacing their existing HID lighting fixtures, it allowed everyone in the facility to be more efficient at their job. Wolfe Industrial is taking the steps necessary to become an organization that is more aware of the environment.

Wolfe Industrial
Mark Smith