Blue-Crow Partners with Process Master

Leading consultancy to utilise the innovative process discovery, analysis and documentation solution

London, United Kingdom, May 05, 2008 --( Blue-Crow, the fast growing London based consulting organisation, today announced that it will make use of the ground-breaking software from Process Master in all of its process discovery, process analysis and process documentation engagements.

Process Master is a highly effective collaboration tool for process discovery, capture and design of business processes and procedures. It brings the rigour and discipline of business process capture and design into context for the business user. It is designed on a standards-based architecture that enables users to review internal business processes in text, XML and graphical notation.

Users are able to capture processes directly in a text view, create roles, descriptions and properties ‘on the fly’, which the tool then coverts automatically into diagrams; all with minimal training. Nevertheless, the diagrams created are fully compliant with the industry standard BPMN notation.

In addition, Process Master automatically generates process documentation in Rich Text, PDF or HTML formats; making it possible to rapidly create comprehensive process documentation that includes not only the process diagrams, but also the full description of each process element, its user or system roles and its properties. Process diagrams can also be saved separately if required for inclusion in process and system documentation.
For improved communication, organisational process knowledge can be directly stored and shared in a collaboration and document management platform (such as SharePoint or OpenText). Finally, process diagrams can be converted into code for export to a process execution or workflow engines.

“After spending three months using Process Master with customers, we observed that we can save up to 70% on the typical time spent on process discovery and documentation compared with other tools; by enabling business users to capture and document their own process knowledge easily,” said Michael Moyal, Solutions Manager for the BPM Practice at Blue-Crow.

“Providing the ability for business people to document their processes quickly, without the need to utilise specialist business analysis skills, will enable us to deliver value to our customers much faster then otherwise possible; when delivering process improvement, integration, or enterprise architecture services,” said Salim Sheikh, Managing Director of Blue-Crow.

“We are pleased to further reinforce the success of our technology through a strategic partnership with Blue-Crow," said Alan Crean, Managing Director of Process Master.

About Blue-Crow

Founded in 2001, Blue-Crow is a privately held company with Corporate Headquarters in London, England. From its original roots in systems integration and engineering, the company has grown into a full lifecycle architecture-led solutions consultancy whose portfolio extends to enterprise-level business and systems integration and centres on business alignment strategies.

The company is composed of a series of Consultancy Practices which focus on:

• Modelling & analysis of your internal and external environment
• Integration of your applications, processes, workflow & data both internal and external to your organisation
• Business Intelligence through Customer Data Integration and Data warehousing and reporting solutions
• Enterprise Architecture providing you with Business and IT agility

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About Process Master

Process Master is an Irish Company whose mission is to organize the corporate world’s business processes in a way that makes them useable, manageable, referenceable and tradable.

Process Master provides an effective collaboration platform for discovering and capturing business processes and designing new ones. Each business process you capture or design is automatically documented which eliminates one of the major headaches most organisations face today – keeping process, policy and system documentation current.

Process Master's standards based architecture provides businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in text, XML & graphical notation and gives organizations the ability to communicate and store these procedures in a standard manner. Unlike many specialised Business Process Analysis (BPA) tools, Process Master has been designed from the ground up to be used by anyone in the organisation. The user interface is based on Microsoft Windows 2007 therefore users can focus on mapping and modelling their processes without having to face the steep learning curve typically associated with such products.

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