The US Army Promoted Fecteau to Lieutenant Colonel

The US Army Promoted Fecteau to Lieutenant Colonel
Pawtucket, RI, June 23, 2021 --( Former congressional candidate and U.S. Army service member Mr. Matthew J. Fecteau was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on 21 June 2021. He serves as an information operations officer supporting counterterrorism operations in Africa.

Fecteau remarked: “Reflecting on this huge milestone, I want to recognize my mother Marion Fecteau. As many I know can attest, I have dealt with my share of failure.

"However, despite these losses, I believe I am a winner. Through all the ups and downs, my mother has loved me unconditionally. For that reason, I believe I am the luckiest person alive. I won in life by having her by my side. This accomplishment is just as much her success as it is my own. Thank you mom, and I love you.

"In addition, I urge everyone capable to look to the U.S Army as an option. It is one of the greatest institutions in the world and our country needs you especially at a time like this. If a former dishwasher can become a colonel, you can too.”

Fecteau is a former congressional candidate and a graduate of Harvard University.
Matt Fecteau