State-Based Analytics Enhances Value and Reach of Leading CLPM Solution

Summer 2021 Release of PlantESP Addresses Needs of Continuous and Batch Manufacturers

Manchester, CT, August 27, 2021 --( Control Station today announced the latest release of its PlantESP process diagnostic and optimization solution. The Summer 2021 release introduces state-based analytics that allow manufacturers to assess the full range of dynamic behavior associated with their business-critical production processes. PlantESP’s value extends beyond continuous applications and now addresses the unique needs of batch manufacturers.

PlantESP monitors PID control loops on a plant-wide basis, empowering manufacturing staff to proactively identify underperforming regulatory control systems and to isolate the root-causes that contribute to production inefficiency and unplanned downtime. The newest release of PlantESP includes a multifaceted logic utility for characterizing different production states within a process. Whereas most control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) solutions are limited to the simple control paradigms of either on-vs.-off or manual-vs.-automatic, PlantESP’s utility supports the numerous and complex control states that are typical of continuous and batch manufacturing.

“The introduction of state-based analytics is an exciting development from a process analytics and optimization standpoint,” shared Brett Beauregard, Director of Research and Development at Control Station. “With PlantESP’s state-based capabilities manufacturers can now assess how individual PIDs regulate control throughout the various phases of a process. That enables new operational insights and creates opportunities for performance improvement particularly among batch manufacturers.”

Innovations available in the Summer 2021 release make PlantESP more advanced and easier to use than other controller monitoring solutions. An enhanced custom reporting feature is among numerous improvements that complements PlantESP’s advanced state-based analytics capabilities. Additionally, a streamlined user interface simplifies solution configuration in addition to other common administrative tasks. The PlantESP solution is now available with either a Standard or a Plus package of features. The options allow licensees to implement a diagnostic and optimization solution that best suits their facility’s or enterprise’s needs.

“PlantESP is steadily capturing greater share of the continuous manufacturing market, and the introduction of state-based analytics creates new opportunities for growth,” commented Rick Bontatibus, Control Station’s Vice President of Global Sales. “Whether operations are continuous, batch or hybrid, PlantESP is uniquely suited for providing valuable and timely insights.”

PlantESP complements both regulatory and supervisory control solutions from leading automation suppliers such as ABB, Emerson, Honeywell, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Yokogawa. Through the application of advanced analytics PlantESP identifies negative trends related to controller performance. In particular, PlantESP simplifies the identification of common mechanical issues such as Stiction, reoccurring loop interaction and PID controller tuning challenges. These performance issues are common in continuous, batch, and hybrid manufacturing environments, and they are known to contribute to production inefficiency and costly unplanned downtime.

PlantESP is widely recognized as the leading, most intuitive CLPM solution. While integrating seamlessly with the PI System from Aveva OSIsoft, PlantESP can leverage a production facility’s existing process data by connecting to any commercial data historian using OPC-HDA, OLE DB, ODBC among other communications protocols. PlantESP applies a customizable hierarchy which allows licensees to configure the solution to match their control infrastructure. The customization follows the ANSI/ISA-95 standard for integration of enterprise control systems and addresses the unique needs of single-site, multi-site, and enterprise licensees. PlantESP supports the diagnostic and optimization needs of production facilities located on six continents and spanning the process industries.
Control Station, Inc.
Dennis Nash