Fastyle Partners with Noted Nutrition Consultant to Promote Healthy Weight Management

Fastyle, the lifestyle and weight management app that uses intermittent fasting, has partnered with a noted nutrition consultant to help promote healthy weight loss.

San Jose, CA, September 09, 2021 --( Intermittent fasting and its associated health and weight management benefits has grown in popularity globally. Fastyle is an application that helps people track their intermittent fasting to help promote healthy weight management. Recently, Fastyle partnered with India-based certified nutrition consultant, Sasirekha Vasu, to test and review the app.

Vasu is well known in India, having been featured in the Times of India. In this feature, she discussed her journey with intermittent fasting, and how it helped her reach a manageable long-term weight loss.

“Fastyle is an excellent fasting app with all in one roof kind of features. It provides a 24/7 coach assist for taking you through the fasting journey,” Vasu said on her Instagram account.

Intermittent fasting is a weight loss and weight management method that promotes limiting the time window during which a person consumes their day’s food. In principle, this allows the body time to rest from the active work of digestion. This can result in improved results for both weight loss and general health.

This method can be applied regardless of the type of weight loss diet the person follows. Whether they choose calorie counting, Keto, or any other recognized weight management technique, intermittent fasting can help improve results.

Fastyle is an app designed to help people track the hours during which they eat, and those during which they fast. The app can be used with any other weight-loss method, including popular methods like Keto, calorie restriction, low-carb, even vegan.

In addition, the app helps you track your specific weight loss method, including keeping track of food and calories consumed. The app features a unique in-app coaching system. This coach provides users with individual, one-on-one guidance to set, track and achieve goals.

A spokesperson at Fastyle said: “We are pleased to have a nutrition expert sharing her experience with Fastyle to her audience. We have a shared mission of helping more people gain a fit and healthy lifestyle.”

Fastyle will be releasing a major new version in September 2021. This new update will include brand-new features like in-app lessons, and an elaborately designed schedule that users can use to learn more about using intermittent fasting as a weight loss and management tool.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or Google Play store, and more information is available at Fastyle’s website

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