Sunrise Packaging Goes Green

Company Announces Initiative to Make Products Environmentally Friendly.

Blaine, MN, May 10, 2008 --( Local packaging company Sunrise Packaging is working to make its products environmentally friendly for over 9,000 clients who order products from the company.

Sunrise Packaging has been recycling for years but has decided that more needs to be done to protect the environment. “As a packaging company, we are concerned about the effect that our products may have on the environment,” says president and CEO, Mark Hector. “That’s why we have decided that it is important to go green.”

By going green, Sunrise Packaging hopes to encourage others to become more environmentally conscious. It also strives to make its clients’ products more environmentally friendly for consumers who are in-tune to the effects of packaging on the environment.

As part of their green initiative, Sunrise Packaging is launching a new line of environmentally friendly products. Its binders, name tags, and CD and DVD cases can now be made with materials that will reduce Sunrise Packaging’s ecological footprint. Sunrise Packaging is also reusing all of their scrap vinyl to reduce the amount of waste that the company produces.

Chipboard, a recyclable, biodegradable, natural-looking and sturdy material, can now be used in the production of binders and the metal binder rings can be made from recyclable nickel.

Sunrise Packaging is also working to incorporate environmentally-friendly adhesives made by 3M. These adhesives emit a low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and provide high-strength bonding.

A recycling program is now in action for all of Sunrise Packaging’s products. Any product that Sunrise Packaging creates may be sent back to the company to be broken down and recycled at no cost to the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, its new environmentally-friendly line of binders, name tags, and CD and DVD cases.

Sunrise Packaging is a solutions-oriented, creative design packaging company. Sunrise Packaging has been manufacturing stock and custom vinyl, casemade and poly binders, media packaging and custom packaging since 1982. Sunrise Packaging operates out of Blaine, MN. For more information about Sunrise Packaging’s green initiatives visit

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